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Container Homes Feature Interesting Architecture and Design

shipping container home

Modern shipping container housing is one of the most ecologically and economically friendly forms of housing available. However, efficient and green doesn't have to mean drab; your shipping container housing can be as interesting and cutting-edge as you'd like it to be.

Storage Space That Moves With You: Portable Storage Containers

falcon containers

In many industries, it's important for items to be easily transportable and effectively stored. From the oil and mining industries to the agricultural business, it's often necessary to move large amounts of stored items because of issues like seasonal or permanent changes. However, most storage solutions are not very portable, potentially requiring site managers to create semi-permanent storage spaces at numerous locations.

The Right Door for Access: Shipping Container Entrance Options

roll up

When you use shipping container buildings, you may want entrance options that go beyond standard doorways. Personnel doors can provide a secure way for personnel to enter and exit the building, while roll-up doors can be a great choice if you often bring large equipment into your storage container. In larger containers, having two entrances can be useful because they make it easier to access items in all parts of the container. Extra doors are one of the most popular modification options for storage containers.

The Steel Shipping Container - A Pop Up for Hotels


It just gets better and better! These amazing innovative uses for steel shipping containers continue to have far reaching effects on solving business solutions and simplifying business operations.

Craft Brewery Rents Steel Shipping Containers for Brew Storage

512 Brewery

One of the most interesting pieces of our business here at Falcon Containers is our ability to work with a variety of industries. Our client base is filled with businesses of all sizes covering the retail, industrial, construction, oil and gas and food and beverage industries, just to name a few. The use of repurposed shipping containers for all of these businesses has been utilized in a variety of solutions to simplify their business operations.

Floating Robotic Shipping Containers for DARPA Project


Ingenuity and resourcefulness are great things. As time passes, our industry sees more interesting and amazing projects and solutions happening with the use of repurposed shipping containers. In my hunt for cool stories regarding the use of our conex fleet, I came upon a project at the University of Pennsylvania sponsored by The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

I Need a Conex Box - Should I Rent or Buy?

buy vs rent

You have decided that a repurposed shipping container will assist you with your business. Whether it is an increase in storage space or office space you need, you have made the decision to pursue a conex box to help simplify your operations.

A Soldiers Journey with a Conex Box Story


I was recently flying on a business trip and had the pleasure of sharing my flight with a young man who was just beginning his military career.  At the age of 18, my flight partner was excited and nervous to be experiencing only the second flight in his life. I was impressed with his eagerness and somewhat amazed at his naivety. The unfamiliar sound of the landing gear surprised him and the prospect of seeing snow on his journey would be a first. With his 18 year lifetime spent in Mississippi, this eager young soldier was just beginning a journey that would take him across the globe to serve our country.

What does a Mobile MOUT Village Look Like?


We had a question from the field recently inquiring into our level of experience in developing training structures for our military forces.  A view into a Mobile MOUT Training village was requested and we were thrilled to pull from our archives a short video of a project we completed in 2010.  Mobile MOUT is the acronym for Mobile Military Operations in Urban Terrain. Falcon Containers develops a broad range of modular non-live fire and live fire war-fighter training buildings with the use of repurposed shipping containers for use by our military forces.

The Conex Box Goes Hi-Tech

Adonit booth

The tech sector is embracing the repurposed shipping container industry and we jumped back to our tech roots this past week at MacWorld/iWorld in San Francisco to join them.

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