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Conex Modifications

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Oct 5, 2010

Conex boxes in our lot, ready to be modified.

In the last several years the popularity of modifying conex containers has grown.  We get quite a few calls from customers looking for modifications, everything from the simplest project, such as adding a window, to the more complex like creating an equipment enclosure. A few of the industries we have that have worked with us for their conex modifications are construction, retail, restaurant, government & military, and schools.

Here are some examples of the most requested conex modifications:

·         Doors- Personnel & Roll up

·         Windows

·         Lockbox for extra security

·         Insulation

·         HVAC units

·         Lighting & Power

·         Interior & exterior paint

·         Partition walls

Adding modifications can turn a conex into a solution to meet many different needs.  Modifications can be done on new and used conexes.  We have created cool boxes, offices, hunting cabins, bunk houses, military training villages, and the list goes on… 

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