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Some Common Misconceptions about Shipping Containers

Posted by Chris Robson on Fri, Feb 25, 2011 @ 12:13 PM

There are several misconceptions about shipping containers in Austin TX. and San Antonio TX. I'd like to take a minute to dispell some of the more common myths surrounding Shipping containers and explain why these don't apply here in Texas.

  • The most common misconception is that there are shipping containers stacked up to the sky in all our major ports.  The exact opposite is true here in Texas.  In Texas we export a lot of cotton and all that cotton is shipped over seas in shipping containers and that combined with other factors has created a shortage supply and an increase in prices.
  • Another misconception is construction using shipping containers is cheap and easy.  While using shipping containers as a living space or office can be relatively inexpensive when compared  to ground up construction it certainly is not easy.  Shipping containers provide a convenient ready made structure but they are constructed for a specific purpose in a very specific way.  They aren't constructed to be be placed on their end, buried or have the sides cut out of them.  All of these things can and do work but they all take a very high level of structural engineering and are far from easy.
  • Finally, all shipping containers are the same.  They aren't all the same, each one of them is different even the newest one trip shipping container will have minor cosmetic blemishes.  If you are considering purchasing a shipping container you should purchase on from a reputable company who is willing to let you pick out the exact shipping container you want from their inventory.  If you take the time to inspect your shipping container before it's delivered you will save yourself from potential headaches down the road.  

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