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Most Common Uses for Shipping Containers in Austin Texas

Oct 11, 2010
Most Common Uses for Shipping Containers in Austin Texas

Shipping container modified to have a roll-up door for easy access storage

Last week I wrote about some unique uses for modified shipping containers in Austin Texas.  After a very unscientific survey of customers over the years I thought I'd list some of the most common applications for repurposing shipping containers.

  • The most common application of a shipping container is for use as additional storage space.  This is both a residential and commercial application that anyone who needs a little extra room can use.  Shipping containers are weather tight and secure so they are ideal for storing household goods as well as excess inventory. 
  • Shipping containers are also commonly used to store tools and materials on construction sites.  Renting or buying a shipping container to securely store tools and stage materials is a very practical way to make sure a construction job runs smoothly. 
  • Churches of all faiths and denonminations use shipping containers to organize and store donated goods or seasonal decorations. 
  • Farmers use shipping containers to store feed and hay.  It's important that hay stays dry so it doesn't get moldy and a shipping container is a perfect way to free up space in the barn and keep hay dry.
  • Finally, shipping containers also make document storage vaults.  In some businesses paperwork storage is a real headache so many people have turned to shipping containers to help relieve the avalanche of paper that's built up in their office.

These are just a few uses for shipping containers that I've seen around town here in Austin Texas.  If there's something I forgot and you'd like to share it with me contact us at 877-704-0177.

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