A Ten Year Anniversary Celebration for Falcon Containers

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Jan 18, 2013


We are excited about the new year ahead.  We are starting this year off with our staff at Falcon Structures gearing up for our celebration of ten years of business with our anniversary party taking place Saturday, January 19, 2013 at our 10th anniversary party.

Just ten years ago, our company began with a single truck operation and a few staff members.  My partner Brian Dieringer and I came together to form Falcon Structures after our own career stretches in the technology sector and our shared alumni status from the University of Texas.  We are proud to announce our staff has grown to include seventy employees and it is this growth that propelled us into the Inc. 5000 listing for the 4th year in a row in 2012.

Our business model began with a small rental fleet of 20 and 40-foot containers and continues to grow in size servicing customers from varying industries across Central Texas. Our rental clients come from the retail, construction, film and oil and gas industries to name a few. 

As we continued to simplify the operations of our clients, the need for modified shipping containers arose.  With the addition of doors, windows, insulation and temperature control equipment, we have created several product lines for use across many industries and locations across the US. 

These base conex boxes have been used by the Defense Department, with whom we have completed a variety of projects to serve military training efforts here in the United States.  With fabrication and modifications, these structures are transformed into MOUT villages where our troops are equipped to perform simulations of combat in situations they experience overseas. 

The last ten years have been filled with great clients, a variety of projects, additional staff and a move to an expanded shipping container modification facility. We here at Falcon look ahead to the future and are excited at the prospect of continuing to provide service to our clients by simplifying their operations with a fantastic staff of Boxperts. 

Our celebration begins Saturday, January 19th at 4pm here on the grounds of Area 51 and will include refreshments and live entertainment by our local central Texas band, Fred Andrews and Honey Browne.  Thank you to all of our clients and each of our staff of Boxperts for making the last ten years a great success and we look forward to the years ahead for Falcon.

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