Can These Pop-Up Medical Facilities Improve COVID-19 Response Efforts?

Can These Pop-Up Medical Facilities Improve COVID-19 Response Efforts?

COVID-19 altered the state of our global society. As more patients test positive for the coronavirus, many essential businesses continue to treat patients, provide relief, and promote safety during this pandemic. We focused our efforts on creating shipping container pop-up medical facilities to better support companies on the front lines of the coronavirus fight. These temporary medical facilities aid healthcare professionals, government agencies, and other organizations working to slow and manage the spread of the virus. We took immediate action to design practical response units in collaboration with medical professionals. Based on our extensive research and the advice we received, we developed four versatile container pop-up medical facilities that deploy quickly, improve response efforts, and support healthcare professionals whenever and wherever they are needed.

What Makes Shipping Container Temporary Medical Facilities Helpful in a Crisis?

  • They’re quickly deployable
  • They require little to no set-up
  • Foundation isn’t necessary – instead, place the unit in available space
  • They can withstand inclement weather
  • They’re easily relocatable – transport them to meet new needs as they arise
  • They include integrated security features
  • They’re insulated, climate-controlled, and comfortable
  • They include plug and play electrical – either line or generator

How Are Container Pop-Up Medical Facilities Used?

1.)   20-Foot Mobile Clinic


This climate-controlled unit can be used to triage patients or conduct lab work. The versatility allows medical staff to manage the medical facility as they see fit. The container can adapt as hospitals pivot with the ebb and flow of the virus.

Healthcare providers can add modifications to meet special needs. Add a built-in work surface or cabinetry to store supplies. The operable cargo doors promote accessibility, making loading and unloading equipment of all sizes quick and easy.

2.)   20-Foot Double-Wide Mobile Clinic


This facility combines two structures into a larger, open area to provide more space when needed. Medical staff can use this pop-up facility as a temporary medical clinic, a testing facility, or to conduct lab work and clinical work.

An on-site set up crew can easily combine the structure, sealing it quickly thanks to the roofing sealant – or roof tape – which seals the joint line from the elements. This temporary (less than 12 months) roofing sealant helps expedite the set-up process, but if desired, a permanent ridge cap, which seals the space between the adjoining containers on the roof, can be used as an alternative.

3.)   20-Foot Mobile Clinic Expander


Use this structure to create a larger, easily manageable lab or clinical space. Add this expansion unit to upgrade the patient triage space, care area, treatment center, “ready room,” administrative office, or supply distribution center. The larger size allows for a variety of possibilities and uses, and even a combination of a few applications.

If desired, medical staff can add hospital beds to monitor patients who’ve tested positive for COVID-19. The larger medical facility allows doctors and nurses to manage more patients at once, while simultaneously reducing the chance of spreading contagion to other areas of the hospital.

4.)   40-Foot Double-Wide Mobile Clinic


Like the previously discussed 20-foot structure, this 40-foot option provides a larger space that may fulfill similar purposes. Overall, this configuration makes a spacious temporary medical clinic, a testing facility, or lab space. The use of high cube containers on this configuration provides an additional foot of height which allows the space to feel more open while promoting better air circulation.

Keep in mind that the use of 40-foot containers may make set up a bit more difficult – when compared to 20-foot containers – because of the larger size. 40-foot containers need more space to properly maneuver and place the containers. Confirm the availability of additional space before delivery.

The Advantage of Upgraded Modifications

Portable Handwashing Sink

If your organization needs to reduce container set up time, place the medical facility in a unique location, or eliminate the cost and hassle of running water supply and wastewater lines, consider upgrading to our portable sink option. These portable hand washing sinks utilize an attached water tank system that works anywhere without plumbing connections.

Medical Facility Rollup Door

To improve transportation and portability, consider adding roll up doors in the clear span openings. The roll up doors allow for secure shipment and don’t require the containers to be wrapped for transport as would normally be required. When you’re ready to relocate the unit, the containers can be easily separated and secured without the need to re-wrap. Additionally, the roll up doors allow the units to be separated and used as individual units if desired. For more information on these modifications and others, speak to a Falcon Representative here.

Eyes Toward a Safe and Healthy Future

Medical Testing Lab for COVID-19

As cities and states expand their stay at home orders and summer quickly approaches, it’s evident that COVID-19 will remain a threat longer than many first anticipated. Every measure taken to slow and stop the spread of the coronavirus must extend into the undefinable future. Our healthcare professionals will continue to combat the virus and care for infected patients. Hospitals and communities that turn to modified shipping containers as pop-up and temporary medical facilities can confidently prepare for the long road ahead with durable, weather resistant, versatile, and reusable structures. Repurposed shipping containers will assist medical personnel immediately, thanks to their quick deployment, and they will remain helpful in the future as we repurpose the structures to meet new need as the virus spreads. For now, we must look forward to a healthier future. We are eager to work with you to get there.

If you’d like to learn more about our COVID-19 response units, or if you’d like to customize a container structure to better meet your needs, give us a call at  877-704-0177 or email us at We’re here to help.

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