Business Moves

Go Mini's: the efficient business solution.

Business Relocation:
When you need to move your office, you need to do it quickly. Every hour you spend packing, moving, and unpacking is an hour of business lost. Go Mini's are the easiest and quickest way to move your office equipment, files, and furniture to your new office across town.

Excess Inventory:
Go Mini’s allow for storage of excess inventory or seasonal and promotional items, freeing up valuable store space for other retail items. Bulk items such as shopping bags are also stored in these containers, out of the way but at-hand for busy shopping periods throughout the year.

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Record Storage:
Clinics and hospitals use Go Mini’s for patient record storage and for insurance purposes (including those associated with HIPA).  Law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and DEA use these containers for storing evidence.

Special Events:
With every event there is a host of items that need to be stored. For example, marathon organizers need to store tables, chairs, water cups and more; festivals need sound equipment and paper goods nearby and ready for use.  Go Mini’s make excellent temporary storage for any show or event.

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