Case Study: Advanced MCC Solutions for Leading Industrial Gas Companies

Industrial gas companies supply industrial, medical, and specialty gases and other safety products to a wide swath of industries. Companies in construction, healthcare, retail, metal fabrication, and more deal with critical scientific components and safety considerations, leaving zero room for error. Everything supplied must be in perfect working order and delivered safely.

On location, these companies use a motor control center (MCC) composed of vital equipment that controls the supply of gases. This structure houses the machinery, both protecting it from the elements and granting workers easy access to the machinery.

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Key Challenges: Durable Structures and a Worry-Free Process

Unpredictable onsite conditions can pose numerous threats. The traditional structures used to house the MCCs were deteriorating and putting the operations at risk. These industrial gas companies juggle many different concerns at their job sites and don’t have time to worry about whether the MCC structures will do their job and protect the equipment inside.

All in all, an industrial gas supplier needs economical housing structures that are easy to order, set up, maintain, and last for many years to come.

The Solution: Durable and Secure Repurposed Shipping Containers 

Falcon Structures developed repurposed shipping container enclosures for the MCCs used to provide onsite gas generation. The Falcon production team modified each easily relocatable unit off-site to provide a valuable, hassle-free solution that earned raves from the company.

“We started with Falcon as a one-off solution for an industrial facility installation project, but we quickly learned they could scale to be a turnkey custom solution for all of our new installations. Now our project leaders have one less thing to worry about thanks to Falcon!” - Industrial Engineering Manager

It isn’t just the structures themselves — it’s the way Falcon simplifies the process and scales operations that makes the MCC enclosures successful. Whether an industrial gas supplier orders one structure or a dozen, they’re going to be there — on time and on point.

Key Features Include

  • Durable corten steel
  • Operable cargo doors
  • Secure access
  • Personnel doors
  • Climate control
  • Easy setup
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Turnkey solution

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