Containers for Government and Military

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Why expend the resources building temporary housing or training facilities when such structures can be delivered to your destination of choice in a fraction of the time and cost? Falcon Containers has extensive experience meeting the specialized needs of various branches of the military, as well as government agencies. Popular uses for the government and military include:

  • Training facilities (i.e. MOUT Villages)
  • Forward Operating Bases
  • Barricades 

Other government agencies use repurposed shipping containers in the following ways.

FEMA and other relief organizations use Falcon's portable buildings as disaster shelters and temporary housing in recovery efforts. Our boxes are delivered to the location quickly and picked up when the crisis is over. They are secure and can be modified in many ways to meet your needs. Our containers are also useful for storing equipment and supplies that will be needed to help the people of the affected area.

Fire Fighters:
The forest service utilizes our boxes for temporary living and sleeping quarters for fire fighters while they are in the field. This arrangement allows the fire fighters to get the rest they need without needing to transport them all the way back to their permanent fire house, thereby saving time, money, and ultimately lives.

Law Enforcement:
Law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and DEA use our products for evidence storage as well as alleviating prison overcrowding. Falcon even had the opportunity to provide our 40' boxes to build a barricade to protect a government VIP in 2005.


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    military trailer
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