Falcon Utility Box

versatile useful spaceThe Falcon Utility Box is a Conex container available in 20’ and 40’ sizes constructed with 16 gauge vertically corrugated steel. These repurposed shipping containers combine structural integrity and design to create versatile, useful space for many industries and applications.

Falcon Utility Box has the following selection of options:

  • Personnel Doors - creating easy accessible ground level entry
  • Roll-Up Doors - allowing for mobility and access to the content
  • Secure Windows & Vents - allowing for ventilation and natural light
  • Wiring, Electrical and Lighting – allowing for interior functionality

Why Use a Shipping Container as Your Solution?

  1. Simplifies Operations
  2. Very Transportable
  3. Versatile
  4. No Foundation is Required
  5. Long Life
  6. Highly Secure
  7. Stackable & Joinable

Your needs may require additional modifications. See our complete line of Container Modification Products for products with additional features.  Browse our Shipping Container Modifications for a complete suite of additional conversions.

Falcon Structures can solve your business needs in a short turn around time with fabrication and delivery of your Falcon Utility Box. Purchase is available in the Central Texas community as well as direct sales across the US.

The Falcon Utility Box comes in two sizes: 40' (L) x 8.5' (H) x 8' (W) or 20' (L) x 8.5' (H) x 8' (W).


Shipping Container Delivery Options

  • Shipping container roll up door
  • Shipping container roll up door - open
  • Roll up door
  • Roll up doors
  • Door options - roll up door