FAQs - Go Mini's

How much room do you need to deliver a Go Mini?

  • Go Mini’s are delivered on a tiltbed trailer, so we need the length of the box PLUS 30’.
  • Go Mini’s can be delivered only onto asphalt and concrete.  They can NOT be delivered onto grass, gravel, or dirt.
  • Also, the slope of the surface should be no more than 10 degrees.

How much stuff can I put into a Go Mini?

  • The maximum weight capacity for a Go Mini is 8000 lbs.
  • You can always use our calculator to determine weight.
  • If you need a rough estimate, you can use the following guidelines which are dependent on how much stuff you have in each room.
    • 12’ Mini: One bedroom apartment or condo.
    • 16’ Mini: Two bedroom apartment, condo, or small home.
    • 20’ Mini: Three bedroom home or larger.

Are my valuables secure from weather if the Go Mini is stored outside?

  • Yes. The GoMini is weatherproof and designed specifically for exterior use in extreme climates, both hot and cold.

How can I find out if keeping a Go Mini at my home or office is allowed?

  • Some homeowners associations and local ordinances limit the amount of time a Go Mini can be kept at your site. To be sure, contact your homeowners association and/or local code enforcement agency. 
  • However, even in cases where limitations do exist, allowances are generally made for you to accomplish your move with a Go Mini just like with any other mode of moving.

I’m moving out of Austin.  Can you move my stuff to my new home?

  • First, we don’t know why you would move out of Austin…it’s such a great place to live!
  • However, we do have an agreement with Roadway to move our containers across state lines. Please contact us to find out if we service your new area.

Will you load my stuff into the Go Mini?

  • We have partnerships with several reputable movers here in town who will load your belongings for you. 
  • Please contact us, and we can provide you with their contact information.