First Class Delivery

AUSTIN, TX, Aug. 23—Time is money.  Whether it’s waiting for a pizza, the cable repairman or a storage container, most folks are not willing to waste a whole day waiting on someone else’s schedule.

Falcon Storage, a Central-Texas portable storage and office space provider, is the first to offer a guaranteed two-hour delivery window.  Construction managers, job-site supervisors and homeowners can now accurately plan a busy day without having to drop everything and wait for storage containers to be delivered.

“There is absolutely no reason anyone needs to waste a whole day waiting for portable storage or office space to be delivered,” said Brian Dieringer, co-founder of Falcon Storage.   “Our goal has always been to put customers first with technology; Falcon Storage is again setting a higher standard.”
Falcon’s First-Class Deliver Promise offers a two-hour delivery guarantee to all products.  If a storage container, portable office or Go Mini’s is delivered late, the customer will not have to pay a delivery fee.

Storage containers and portable offices can be delivered for a multitude of needs:
- Construction site equipment storage
- Extra or job-site office space; combined office and storage options available
- Retail storage for periods of high inventory
- Interim storage for household goods during a move or remodeling
- Staging for the sale of a home
- Special events

About Falcon Storage
Founded in Austin by ex-dot-com-ers, Falcon Storage is using technology, customer relationship management tools and best practices to revolutionize the on- and off-site storage and portable office industry.  
Using only top-quality shipping containers, standard and customized storage containers, portable office and combinations are available across Central Texas.  Experienced fabricators can configure storage solutions to meet any specialized need.

For residential customers, Go Mini’s offer the protection of metal walls and the convenience of smaller storage that can be delivered to tight locations.