Falcon Containers’ CEO to Speak at Global Workforce Accommodation Event

Stephen Shang Will Present Housing Case Studies from Diverse Environments 

Austin, TX—May 12, 2014—Falcon Containers today announced a major speaking engagement for CEO and Co-founder, Stephen Shang. Shang will speak at the International Camp Logistics and Workforce Accommodation Forum, to be held in Houston, on June 16 and 17. The forum is slated to offer workshops, panels, and informational sessions on workforce living quarters, temporary base camps, and related logistics. 

Shang was selected to speak based on his decade’s worth of experience in workforce housing solutions—including oilfield villages, border patrol camps, and forward operating bases. Since 2003, Falcon Containers has become a leading provider of modified shipping containers, with the capacity to design and engineer turn-key, mobile work camps. Falcon specializes in crew housing, field offices, mobile IT rooms, and industrial storage for companies in the energy sector and beyond. 

“Modified shipping containers make ideal housing units for jobsite crews and other temporary populations—particularly those in remote or inhospitable regions,” said Shang, in reference to his presentation. “Their steel makeup and wind/water-tight composition means they can often protect residents better than fabricated homes. In fact, we’re constantly hearing about clients’ prior experiences with mobile housing that falls apart. Containers, on the other hand, are extremely durable, long-lived assets.”

At the forum, Shang will outline best practices and strategies for land-based camps and floating accommodations around the world.  Together with co-speaker, Carol McLaughlin of Bibby Maritime Limited, Shang will discuss some of the unique conditions and obstacles his team has encountered in global accommodation scenarios. Specifically, the session will explore key differences when working in North America versus other locales, in terms of environmental, political, geographical, and cultural considerations.

“Overall, organizations need housing solutions that are durable, cost-effective, and easy to mobilize,” Shang emphasized. “Ours can be dropped on any concrete slab or gravel yard. With water, sewer and electrical hookup, they are ready for immediate use. We can also design containers with varying layout options and building functions. They are very easy to stack and join.” 

Shang also noted, “Because shipping containers are already available, unused assets in our port cities, finding ways to repurpose them is a great example of corporate citizenship.” 

Shang’s session, Showcasing Housing Case Studies in Diverse Environments Spanning the Globe, will be held at 2:00 on June 16, at the Hilton Post Oaks in Houston, Texas. 

About Falcon Containers

Founded in 2003, Falcon Containers repurposes shipping containers to create living, working, and storage solutions for a wide variety of industries. Backed by an experienced team of designers and engineers, Falcon can modify Conex boxes to serve as temporary housing units, portable offices, and other highly-secure onsite structures  Falcon’s growing client base includes major energy corporations, defense contractors, construction firms, and the US Department of Defense. Learn more at www.FalconContainers.com.