Shipping Containers for Healthcare

storage containerDisaster Relief:

  • Global healthcare organizations like the Red Cross use our portable buildings in disaster relief situations as temporary medical and emergency clinics.
  • Our boxes are delivered to the location quickly and picked up when the crisis is over.
  • They are secure and can be modified in many ways to meet your needs.
  • Our containers are also useful for storing equipment and supplies that will be needed to help the people of the affected area.


  • Clinics, doctor offices, and hospitals use our storage containers for patient record storage and to meet insurance requirements, including those associated with HIPA.
  • Our boxes are ideal for storing non-perishable supplies such as needles and gauze as well as medical equipment.
  • They can also be modified into cool boxes for storing perishable items such as medicines.
  • Our storage containers are weather-proof and highly secure to keep all contents safe within.