January 2013

Your Operations - Simplified 

Here at Falcon Containers, we pride ourselves on a product offering that is used across a variety of industries with a wide variety of uses. The repurposed shipping container is a versatile, mobile and secure structure that offers the ability for storage, functional work space and industrial living space as well.

We repurpose shipping containers to simplify your operations. How can my operations be simplified, you may be asking?

Extra Space - Your business may need more efficient inventory management. With the use of a repurposed shipping container, you can quickly set up extra dry secure storage for your business.

Increase Facility Size - If your business is expanding and you need extra work space, the use of a repurposed shipping container allows for a secure structure to be used for a staging area, workshop or jobsite office.

Provide Remote Work Space - Your business is in the construction or oil industry and you may require storage or an office at your remote job site. Repurposed shipping containers provide the ideal structure to contain your mobile secure storage or office area.

Create Industrial Living Quarters - Your staff is deployed to a remote work site for a construction or drilling project and lodging accommodations are needed. A repurposed shipping container can be modified to create comfortable quarters delivered directly to your site.

Simplifying your operations may be part of your company’s goals for this new year ahead. With the use of a repurposed shipping container, your business can accommodate that next project or expansion quickly and efficiently.


We Are 10 Years Old!

ten year anniversary badgeOur 10th Anniversary celebration took place January 19th on our corporate headquarters facility, Area 51. 

Live entertainment by the local Texas band Fred Andrews and Honey Browne got the tent rocking for all of our staff and guests. It is with great pride that we celebrated the growth of our company and our decade of providing solutions for clients in a variety of industries.

This growth could not have been possible without our incredible staff of Boxperts here at Falcon Containers. Our company started in 2003 with a few staff members and has grown to a robust staff of seventy personnel filling roles in delivery, fabrication, paint shop and our main office.

We have staff members that have been with us almost a decade and a good number that have recently joined our ranks. We took an opportunity at our anniversary celebration to award our annual Golden Container Awards to each and every member of our staff. At Falcon Containers, our employees strive to keep our Falcon core values reinforced through every interaction they have with our clients and with each other. The Falcon core values that each of our Golden Container Award winners instill include integrity, self-motivation, responsibility, a strong sense of urgency and the desire to serve others before yourself. It is this foundation that has propelled Falcon Containers through this past decade and the decades to come ahead.

You can review our press release highlighting our event and company history.