Gas and Oil Field Work Camps in Modified Shipping Containers

Even though they’re fairly uniform on the outside, shipping containers can accommodate the full spectrum of onsite, energy production activities—from sleeping and eating, to working and storing valuable equipment. In fact, oil and gas companies are now discovering how versatile these steel-framed structures can be, as we help them stack, join, modify, and relocate more work camp units.

work camps

How are shipping containers used to create work camps and oilfield villages?

As illustrated above, we supply and modify shipping containers that can serve as:

  • Shared or independent sleeper units
  • Cafeterias and mess halls
  • Laundry rooms
  • Separate shower facilities
  • Portable office space
  • Recreation rooms and fitness centers
  • Infirmaries
  • Climate-controlled equipment storage
  • And more

Why are shipping containers ideal for work camp site development?

Modified shipping containers are inherently wind and water-tight. They can withstand extreme weather, without requiring any long-term infrastructure (e.g. in-ground foundations or concrete slabs). They are transportable via truck, rail, or ship. And they lend well to repeat setups and transplants, so your organization doesn’t have the reinvest in new structures for evolving jobsites.

Our team of designers and engineers can further optimize containers for your work camp operations by adding in standard or specific features.

Tell us what you need in your gas or oilfield village. Or get ideas here:

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