Case Study:
Container Housing with Pirate Protection

Client: Keystone Shipping 

Challenge: The last thing you want is for a shipment of sensitive items to end up in the wrong hands. Keystone Shipping wanted to make sure none of its goods ended up in the hands of pirates at sea. The problem was standard cargo ships only have enough living quarters for a very small crew – not enough people to protect a ship from a potential threat coming aboard. However, to retrofit a ship involves a lot of red tape, time and money. 

Falcon’s Solution: Falcon Structures built portable container housing as crew quarters, complete with US Coast Guard-compliant materials (required to be fireproof). In one, 20-foot unit, we were able to install basic living accommodations for six. This was done for considerably less time and money than retrofitting crew quarters on an existing ship, and the portable quarters can be transferred from ship to ship.

  • Sleeping Quarters
    Sleeping Quarters
  • Pirate-proof
  • Easily Transferable
    Easily Transferable
  • Bathroom
  • Plumbing
  • Ship to Ship Transfer
    Ship to Ship Transfer
  • Fireproof Quarters
    Fireproof Quarters
  • Modular Living Quarters
    Modular Living Quarters