Working With Falcon for
Modified Shipping Container Conversions

We recognize that your business needs are unique to you and your company.  Since 2002, we’ve helped a variety of industries solve many types of business challenges.  

Through this experience we’ve developed several groups of products to easily meet most business applications – from storage and work space to living and industrial applications. Each of these products have been tested time and time again to solve similar business challenges across multiple industries.

Along with each product is a list of commonly used options. Items such as personnel doors, lights, vents, flooring, insulation and more, can all be chosen specifically for your needs.

How to get started:

  1. Visit our Products Page for a full listing of available container products.
  2. View our selection of common options to meet your specific need.
  3. Call us: 877-704-0177 or Request a Quote.

Require a custom solution? That’s ok too. Contact us - we’re happy to consult with you!


20ft one trip shipping container          20ft open office interior with HVAC        40ft_Jack_and_Jill_Interior.jpgModified shipping container kitchenette