Falcon Structures Reviews & Testimonials

    Rocket Electrics Container-Based E-Bike Rentals.
    “Working with Falcon was easy! We knew what we wanted, but we needed a source for some very specific customization. From finding the perfect container for this site, fabricating modifications, painting it, and working with our solar installation team, Falcon's team was a pleasure to work with. Communication was easy and clear, and we are very happy with the finished result. We look forward to working with Falcon on more units in the future.”
    Rocket Electrics: Container-Based E-Bike Rentals
    Texas A&M Emergency Responder Training Facility.
    “Containers presented a quick temporary solution to a problem that needed to be solved in a fairly short time frame. They also had a lower cost than a dedicated building. Falcon's people were responsive and kept me informed during the entire building/delivery process.”
    A&M Engineering: Emergency Responder Training Facility
    Black Swan mobile garage.
    “I’m very happy with the container. We needed a container that said we mean business; we’re a professional, organized and efficient team. Everybody who I’ve talked to says “Your container looks bad ass.” It’s the most efficient way to haul our stuff and to look professional.”
    Black Swan Racing: Mobile Garage
    Big House Sound audio equipment enclosure exterior
    “Now that we know shipping containers are available, we’d absolutely use them for any outdoor or portable enclosure. It’s cost effective and robust. Falcon’s customizations made installation a smooth and easy process.”
    Big House Sound: Audio Equipment Shelter
    Washoe County’s Regional Public Safety Center Emergency Response Training Facility
    “The reasons we chose shipping containers [for our emergency response training facility] were cost and durability. The people who use it love it. They want to know when the next part is coming. We really enjoy working with Falcon and we appreciate all of their team’s efforts.”
    Facility Manager for Washoe County’s Regional Public Safety Center
    City of Round Rock open sided shipping container for teen hangout space
    “I am amazed at the customer service the management team at Falcon Structures provided. Your team was collaborative, helpful, and courteous. Thank you again for all your efforts, we are very pleased with the value the containers added to Rock'N River.”
    City of Round Rock, Texas 
    Chesapeake Energy Compressor Enclosure
    “We are using them to put our instrument air compressors in. Some people have said, ‘why not just build a shed for the compressors?’ My response is that by the time you buy the materials and have a crew put something together, you have spent nearly the same money and you don’t have the protection from weather and dirt/dust that the conex provides. We actually use the interior walls to support piping, filters an air dryers.”
    Chesapeake Energy
    "Falcon Structures' approach always kept our particular needs in mind. Determining modifications while staying within budget was easy. From their unique electrical pass-through solution to the shielded walls, the finished project is working extremely well for our business."
    AMEWAS Inc.
    "Falcon employed several key project management techniques, identifying critical bottlenecks and resources, and staging materials and containers effectively, in order to successfully setup the containers onsite."
    US Army
    "We came to Falcon with pretty specific needs, and they were willing to adapt their designs to accomodate us."
    Asea Brown Boveri
    “Falcon was resourceful in adapting a container to enable us to install a 10 ton HVAC unit on the roof of a 20ft container.”
    Petroleum GeoServices
    "Satisfied all the way.."
    Heldenfels Enterprises
    “Falcon was easy to work with and their follow up was amazing.”
    Alpine Site Services