Falcon Structures Reviews & Testimonials

"We had many hurdles to overcome to get the containers approved, finished, and installed on time. I am amazed at the customer service the management team at Falcon Structures provided. Your team was collaborative, helpful, and courteous. Thank you again for all your efforts, we are very pleased with the value the containers added to Rock'N River."
- City of Round Rock


"We are using them to put our instrument air compressors in.  Some people have said, ‘why not just build a shed for the compressors?’  My response is that by the time you buy the materials and have a crew put something together, you have spent nearly the same money and you don’t have the protection from weather and dirt/dust that the conex provides.  We actually use the interior walls to support piping, filters an air dryers."
- Chesapeake Energy


"We came to Falcon with pretty specific needs, and they were willing to adapt their designs to accommodate us."
- Asea Brown Boveri


"Falcon employed several key project management techniques, identifying critical bottlenecks and resources, and staging materials and containers effectively, in order to successfully setup the containers onsite."
- US Army


"Falcon was resourceful in adapting a container to enable us to install a 10 ton HVAC unit on the roof of a 20ft container."
- Petroleum GeoServices


"Falcon was easy to work with and their follow up was amazing."
- Alpine Site Services


"Satisfied all the way."
- Heldenfels Enterprises