Falcon Structures is the

Official Shipping Container-Based Structure Supplier

of the united soccer league

USL Puts Trust in

Falcon’s Bold, Powerful Designs

Sometimes, the old-fashioned brick-and-mortar way won’t cut it. If you want an eye-catching facility that wows visitors while providing a sturdy, dependable build, Falcon Structures’ modular shipping container construction makes the goal every time. And now, we’re honored to announce that we’re a preferred supplier for the United Soccer League!



Stand out from the crowd.


Durable corten steel.


Off-site construction.


Make it your own.


Available ready-made designs.


A team that has your back.

Proven Success

Our hat-trick of tough materials, quick turnaround, and customization appeals to many industries, including those already well-versed in athletics.


Fast Construction for a Container Stadium

When the Village of Obetz wanted a unique gathering space for the community, they turned to Falcon to create a stunning building in short order. The final result resembles a medieval fortress and was even given the name Fortress Obetz. Off-site construction drastically cut the timeline, and the distinct building impressed visitors before it was even completed.


The Pitch — A New Space to Celebrate a City

Austin, Texas, is a world-renowned hub of exciting culture. A real estate company wanted to contribute to the lively city with a new food and beverage venue meant to evoke soccer lingo. They turned to Falcon for the shipping container portions, and our team lended expertise to prepare the boxes for installation. The result? A creative, must-see space for Austinites.


Quick Construction of a YMCA Facility

The Holcomb Family YMCA had to adjust its plans for a new facility when the pandemic hit. Falcon answered the call to help them craft a unique, partially outdoor gym using modified shipping containers. Since the containers could be customized off site while on-site construction took place, the building was finished fast. Now, it’s a one-of-a-kind fitness facility for all seasons.

Count on Falcon

Falcon’s modified shipping containers make for a functional, brawny design that dazzles in the process. Our team of skilled experts and craftspeople put together remarkable structures for just about any industry. Take advantage of complete customization or quicker scalability with pre-fabricated models. Our off-site construction can accommodate some of the toughest timelines — all while our support team guides you through every step of the process.

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