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Container-based Food & Beverage Venue 

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A New Space to Celebrate a City

The city of Austin, Texas is known for its lively and adventurous atmosphere, which Karlin Real Estate, LLC wanted to contribute to. The group was inspired to create a new food and beverage venue that would excite Austinites and bring the community together. The Karlin team wanted to use shipping containers to intrigue guests visiting a unique and exciting space. The venue is called The Pitch, which refers to the common soccer lingo term also meaning soccer field, because the venue is located next to the Austin FC practice facility.

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Key Challenges

Uncertainty of Shipping Containers and the Need for an Expert Team

Karlin Real Estate wanted to deviate from traditional construction and was considering the possibility of a shipping container-based venue. Although an exciting idea, taking an uncommon construction route left the company with many questions. Would a structure like this be possible, efficient, cost-effective, and safe?

Additionally, this big project needed multiple contributors to bring the vision to life. Karlin Real Estate wanted to work in a team of trusted, reliable experts. If The Pitch was going to become a new must-see venue in Austin, the team needed to collaborate well to build a creative, safe, and well-thought-out space.

Falcon Steps in as the Container Consultant and Modifier

If The Pitch was going to center on the uniqueness of shipping containers as building elements, Karlin Real Estate wanted to trust experts, so they turned to Falcon as the container consultant for the project. Not only did Falcon advise on the use of containers from the beginning, but the Falcon team also modified the containers at its offsite facility, preparing the boxes for additional onsite modifications.

With nearly two decades of container experience, Falcon offered insight into the structural possibilities of containers to the collaborators on the project. Additionally, many contributors of the project found flexibility working with shipping containers as well as the added benefit of lower upfront costs. Together, they worked to create an exciting space for the community.


The Solution

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Key Features Include

  • Twenty-three 40-foot uniquely stacked and arranged containers
  • Three container towers that serve as signage and enclose unsightly facility equipment
  • Four kitchens for each of the onsite food and beverage vendors
  • Two bars branded to fit the soccer theme of the venue
  • Large picture windows overlooking the unique landscape
  • Indoor lounge space with tv's for catching the big game
  • Outdoor lounge space including firepits and large dining areas