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to Protect What’s Important
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Secure, Climate-Controlled, Heavy-Duty Containers

for Storing Machinery, Tools & More

Severe storms. Extreme heat. Dust devils. Pests. Conex containers were originally built to withstand some of nature’s harshest challenges while shipping cargo across the world. Falcon repurposes these durable structures to protect your most valuable assets.

The use cases for container storage are nearly endless, and if your organization or project includes any items that must be kept safe and secure, you’re in the right place.

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Pre-Designed Storage Floor Plans

These floor plans come from our extensive design library and are some of the most common layouts for a modified container repurposed for storage.

Climate Controlled Storage Container


20 FT 40 FT
Climate Controlled Storage Container With Personnel Door
storage personnel-door


20 FT 40 FT

Need to customize these floor plans?

It’s possible! Falcon offers an extensive library of modification options for you to choose from. Here are some of the most popular modifications used for a living space container:

More About Modification Options

Scalable Container Storage Applications

So, how can you use these storage container structures in your operations?

Take a look at these common cases — though you can still let your imagination soar beyond these examples.

Storage Plan Options

This is just a sampling of what’s possible from storage containers that can be fully customized or ordered from an existing design.

We’d love to discuss your options! Contact us today and let’s have a conversation. Or browse our storage catalog to get a better picture of what our containers can accomplish for your organization.