Our Process

Your Frictionless Journey to the Modified Container Structures You Need
Depending on your project specifications, there are several ways you can work with Falcon
20ft Open Office

Quick Ship Containers

Need a structure that’s ready to go in three weeks or less? These container floor plans can be built and shipped quickly - some may even be ready to ship today. Take a look and see if any of our quick ship structures will fit your project.

Quick Ship Process

Almost like browsing shelves at the store, look through our quick ship container options. If you like what you see, contact us right away to discuss purchase and shipping options. This is the fastest way to get a modified container on site.

Pre-Designed Floor Plans

Falcon has many existing designs and floor plans for a variety of uses: mobile restrooms, durable storage units, workspaces, and more. If one of these designs meets your specifications, no customization work is necessary, and we can get started quickly.

Pre-Designed Process

Peruse our many pre-designed floor plans in varying sizes and functions. We’ve already drawn up the blueprints, so when you’ve found a design you like, just get in touch with us, order as many as you need, and we’ll get to building them offsite to deliver to you when ready.


Container Modification Options

If one of our existing plans almost does the trick but still needs a little tweaking to fit your project, work with our team to make the necessary changes. Then let’s discuss how many you’ll need to bring your project to life.

Container Modification Process

Select a pre-designed floor plan that looks good but just needs a few updates to be a perfect fit. We'll use our extensive expertise and existing design library to help you modify any pre-designed floor plan to meet your unique requirements. You'll receive drawings to approve then it's off to production. It's that simple. 

Custom Container Projects

Work with our team to heavily customize a container, and capitalize on our scalable manufacturing process when you order multiple.

Custom Container Process

Connect with our team and start with a blank slate. If you’re already working with an architect or designer, bring them into the discussion and let’s come up with a fully custom container design that matches your requirements. Once we’ve finalized the plan, we’ll build as many as you need offsite to ship to you when finished.


Our Process in a Nutshell: Animated Video

“We experienced flawless execution working with Falcon Structures. Our stores were thrilled to receive these container kiosks. The Falcon units were easy to install, helping us quickly meet new demand.”
– VP, Equipment Purchasing, Hy-Vee, Inc.
“Falcon had the perfect container layout options to choose from. The living units we ordered were cost efficient and help our employees feel comfortable during the 3-month fishing season.”
– Assistant Plant Manager, OBI Seafoods
“Our first business with Falcon was for a remote manned station that needed a locker room facility fast, and they executed well. We quickly learned the locker room has an extended life, (and) they are portable, and Falcon can scale to meet our expanding needs. So what started as a one-off became a standard part of our new station construction process. It’s one less thing for me to worry about!”
– Project Manager, Williams Companies, Inc.