Custom Open Sided Container

Custom Repurposed Shipping Container Solutions


Repurposed Shipping Containers

You have unique needs. We have unique containers. 

While Falcon Structures has a number of standard products with many container modifications to fit most business needs, the very nature of an empty box begs the use of the imagination.  We can help you realize your design vision. 

Before picking up the first physical tool, Falcon's team of professionals work with you through a thorough engineering and design process. We ensure that the end product is what you originally envisioned, and help to think through all of the critical details.

STANDARD PRODUCTS Container Modifications storage containers for sale

Our pre-production process leverages over ten years of expertise repurposing thousands of containers and our container experts work with you every step of the way. We ensure your custom solution meets your unique needs.
Some examples of custom products are

  • Muli-container structures.
  • Multi-container work camps.
  • Military training villages.
  • Container laboratories.
  • Other unique structural and finish-out options 
  • Splitting A Container In Half
  • 12ft Wide Shipping Container Office
  • Mobile Container Field Restroom
  • Custom container shed
  • Multi-Container Office
  • Shipping Container Laboratory
  • Shipping Container Locker Room