The Falcon Structures' office hosts our excellent team.

The Falcon Structures Team

Falcon Structures was founded in 2003 by CEO Stephen Shang and COO Brian Dieringer. Together, Stephen and Brian cultivated a forward-thinking team of diverse talent dedicated to Creating Safe Places in Tough Environments.

Over the years, this team transformed the company from a low-tech, portable storage business into a respected leader in the modular building industry. Today, our talented team uses high-tech tools to modify shipping containers for storage, workspace, living space, industrial, and military applications.

The Leadership Team

Stephen Shang, CEO of Falcon Structures

Stephen Shang

CEO and Co-founder
With over 15 years of experience in container-based structures Stephen directs Falcon’s strategy and leadership. Stephen is Falcon’s ambassador to the business community.

Brian Dieringer. Falcon Structures' Executive Vice President of Products

Brian Dieringer, EVP of Products

EVP of Products and Co-Founder
Brian leads Falcon’s product design and engineering initiatives, leveraging 15 years of container-based structures experience. Brian also oversees Falcon’s quality program to ensure customers get exactly what they ordered.

John McAlonan, Falcon Structures' President and COO

John McAlonan

President and COO
John is a seasoned manufacturing executive with more than 25 years of experience. He manages Falcon and ensures that we make and keep good promises to our customers.

Krista Short, Falcon Structures' Director of Marketing

Krista Short

Director of Marketing
Krista reaches new markets that will benefit from containerization. She has over 8 years of experience leading marketing teams and initiatives.

Mike Combs, Falcon Structures' Director of Sales

Mike Combs

Director of Sales
Mike leads our sales team to best represent Falcon to prospects and customers, and builds partnerships with industry participants. He has been a stand out in sales for over 13 years.

Anthony Moreno, Falcon Structures' Production Manger

Anthony Moreno

Production Manager
With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, Anthony leads and optimizes our production team to manufacture a quality product on time and on budget.

Sarah Ellis, Falcon Structures' Head of Product Design

Sarah Ellis

Head of Product Design
Sarah has been working on container-based product design for over 7 years. She leads the development of cutting edge container design. Her formal training in architectural design is a key asset to Falcon.

Lisa McDonald, Falcon Structures' Controller

Lisa McDonald

Lisa uses 20 years of accounting experience to ensure that Falcon runs efficiently and effectively. She helps the leadership team make informed decisions based on financial data.

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