Durable Modified Shipping Containers

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Lean on Falcon’s Designs & Expertise to Find Scalable Solutions

Shipping containers are like blank canvases; there’s nearly endless opportunity to create almost anything your mind can conjure up.

Bring your projects to life using the building blocks of modified shipping containers. Falcon Structures is the perfect partner. If you need mobile offices for a construction site, living quarters for workers out in the field, secure storage in brutal climates, or a myriad of other uses — your solution is waiting for you here.

Your ideal modified container structures 

Whether you order a quick ship structure, choose a pre-designed floor plan, customize an existing floor plan, or start a fully custom project, all containers can be ordered at scale.

Your Ideal Modified Container Structures

Why Build with Shipping Containers?

By design, shipping containers were built to protect cargo from dangerous elements. Given their size and durability, they’re the ideal foundation on which to build new structures for dozens of uses — whether it’s customizing a single container or using multiple containers as the pieces for something greater.

Why Build with Shipping Containers

Creating something new out of these massive containers promotes sustainability, keeping them out of our landfills and eliminating the need to cut down more trees for wood-based structures.

And such wood-based structures often aren’t able to hold up against Earth’s most punishing conditions, unlike shipping containers — many of which have already traversed and powered through the most inhospitable corners of the world. 

If you had to store your most expensive equipment at a job site located in a remote desert area prone to sand storms, pests, and extreme temperature changes, which one would you trust more: A wood shed or a corten steel shipping container?

Other Benefits Include:

What’s Possible

There’s a world of possibilities with shipping containers — office spaces, industrial equipment shelters, living quarters, and more. You’ll find some pre-built structures in stock and ready for shipping, as well as a vast selection of pre-designed plans for quick construction. But we can bring your project to life with further modifications and customization, too.

Quick Ship Containers

Select floor plans are designated for quick shipping. We may already have what you need in stock and ready to ship. If not, structures can be ready to go in three weeks or less. Do any of our quick ship options meet your needs?

In-Stock Containers

Pre-Designed Floor Plans


Don’t leave your expensive equipment at the mercy of the elements — secure it in one of our heavy-duty storage containers.

Pre-designed Floor Plans_Storage


Set up an office right at the construction site to keep an eye on operations, or have a workplace readily available even in remote locations.

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Bathrooms & Locker Rooms

Make sure your workers have the comforts and necessities they need for breaks when they’re out on the job.

Living Space

For projects at remote locations, or which otherwise require a major time commitment to build, our modified container living quarters have privacy and creature comforts to make workers feel at home.


Modification Options

A happy medium between pre-designed floor plan options and fully custom containers: Take one of our existing floor plans and make adjustments to tailor it to your specifications.

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Custom Container Projects

You have the option to start from the ground up and develop the perfect container for your project.


Product Catalogs

Browse our catalogs full of innovative designs of proven, high-quality container structure floor plans and see what piques your interest.