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Shipping Container Industry Solutions

Easily deployed solutions for any industry.

While uses for Falcon's shipping containers are endless, below you'll discover some of the ways our containers have been utilized. Applications range from secure storage units to safe environments for employees to live, work and play.   

Storage Container Solutions

Safe and secure, Falcon shipping containers provide an ideal environment to store durable equipment. Plus, our containers can be modified to store sensitive materials (files, electronics, chemicals, etc.) or provide workspace by incorporating an HVAC system, lighting, venting, and more. Include a personnel or roll-up door for easy access. The applications are unlimited.

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Container Office Solutions

Long lasting and turnkey, repurposed shipping containers deliver a flexible, mobile office solution you can rely on for years to come. Falcon’s climate controlled, modular offices are constructed of sturdy, galvanized steel and include office grade finishes.

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Container Housing Solutions

Efficient and easy to deploy, Falcon Living Boxes provide a comfortable industrial housing solution where employees can feel safe. Constructed of durable, galvanized steel, Falcon modular housing solutions stand up to extreme weather and are rodent-proof.

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Industrial Solutions

Durable, secure, and easy to transport, Falcon industrial equipment enclosures offer flexibility and peace of mind. Constructed of heavy-duty, corrugated steel, our repurposed shipping containers stand up to severe weather, resist pests, and are easy to install.

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Military Solutions

Falcon Structures can manufacture and deliver cost-effective, modified shipping containers to your destination in a fraction of the time. We have worked extensively with various branches of the military and government agencies to meet specialized needs while controlling costs.

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Custom Conex Solutions

Falcon Containers has extensive experience meeting the specialized needs of various branches of the military, as well as government agencies. Popular uses for the government and military include:

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