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Mobilize Your Workplace

Mobile working doesn’t just mean carrying a laptop from place to place. You can physically take the entire office where it needs to go with a repurposed shipping container from Falcon Structures.

Modified shipping container offices deliver flexible and mobile ground level workspaces you can rely on for 25 years or more. Climate control, restrooms, and turnkey power and plumbing ensure everyone inside has what they need while on the job.

Order any of our workspace floor plans as-is in the volume you need. We can also tailor to your specifications and produce containers at scale with your modifications.

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Pre-Designed Workspace Floor Plans

These floor plans come from our extensive design library and are some of the most common layouts for a modified container repurposed for working.

Open Container Office
Office Icon


10 FT 20 FT 40 FT
Open Container Office With Half-Bathroom
office icon bathroom icon


20 FT 40 FT
Store And Work Container Office
office storage
Dual Office
office office


40 FT
Dual Office With Half Bathroom
office bathroom office


40 FT
Workplace Container Office
office multi-office office


40 FT
Double Container Workspace
office storage


20 FT 40 FT
2-Story Observation Workspace


20 FT

Looking to customize these floor plans?

You’ve got it! Falcon offers an extensive library of modification options for you to choose from. Here are some of the most popular modifications used for a workspace container.

Scalable Workspace Container Applications

What’s possible with any of our workspace container floor plans?

We’ve listed some of the most common use cases for standalone offices or additional workspaces here, but the possibilities are nearly endless!

Let’s Discuss Your Office Space

We’d love to connect and listen to what you need in an office so we can guide you to your best options. Let’s talk!