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How Onsite Field Offices Improve Operational Efficiency in Construction

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Jun 15, 2022
How Onsite Field Offices Improve Operational Efficiency in Construction

A day in the life of a construction manager can look (and feel) a little chaotic. You make phone calls and write emails, walk the site with clients, attend meetings both in-person and virtually, and much more. With one busy day after another, it can seem like operational efficiency slips out of reach, but simple solutions do exist.

Instead of getting caught up in the chaos, prioritize operational efficiency in construction by utilizing an onsite office. In the same way, you ensure your construction team has the right tools to complete the job at hand, an onsite office is a tool that helps you improve your daily routine and achieve a successful build. Here’s what you can expect:

A Quiet Space to Work

Let’s say it’s early in your workday, you just arrived onsite but you’re already thinking about all the emails and phone calls you need to respond to. To start the day off on the right foot you need to get the ball rolling. Initial quiet time, in a private space, allows you to catch up on emails and phone calls with limited distractions. A nearby onsite office will help you and your team, the client, and other project contributors stay in sync.

Impress Clients with Professionalism

modified shipping container construction office

You move on with your day and now it’s time for an onsite meeting with your client. You plan to take them around the site and show them the latest progress, but only after you’ve welcomed them to the space. An office space will not only stand as the ideal meeting point, but it will showcase your team’s professionalism without saying a word. A durable, secure, and resourceful office will remind clients and visitors that your team is equipped to successfully complete the project.

Take Meetings Away from the Noise

Your client is about to leave, but first, they want to discuss a few project details. Or, let’s say it’s later in the day and it’s time for your reoccurring meeting with your team leads—either way, an office is the ideal location for meetings. Operational efficiency in construction is nothing without constant communication, so having a designated space to join meetings, both in person and virtually, helps improve efficiency.

The Right Kind of Office Depends on Your Needs

shipping container office for construction

Although many construction companies know the benefits of an onsite office, fewer know their office options. Travel trailers are a standard choice for many companies, but other companies choose portable, modified shipping containers favoring durability that lasts over 25 years and a more professional-looking space. Consider how the two options compare in terms of features and cost to choose the best option for your team.

Adding an onsite field office can improve operational efficiency in construction and help alleviate some of the strain on field managers. To get in touch with Falcon to inquire about your own container office, reach us at 877-704-0177 or send us an email at sales@falconstructures.com.

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