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A Lesson for Businesses in Shipping Container Coolness

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Jun 21, 2017
A Lesson for Businesses in Shipping Container Coolness

One Trip Shipping ContainersBlank stares. Blank stares are usually what I receive when I tell people I’m the Director of Marketing for a company that builds functional spaces using shipping containers. I can see the wheels turning. I watch them search their brains, trying to figure out what I do. Some will be polite, nod, and pretend they understand. Some will jump to “Oh! You make those tiny homes!” While others ask a myriad of questions in order to figure out if what I do is “cool.”

I quickly learned that most people I meet can’t relate to a shipping container structure unless they can live in it (home), eat in it (restaurant) or drink in it (bar). I will agree, all of these applications are definitely great.  But what I’ve found working at Falcon Structures is that businesses are discovering that shipping containers are efficient, durable, mobile, deploy quickly – and dare I say cool.

Winning Is So Cool

Good businesses find ways to stay ahead of their competition. Great businesses push the boundaries of conventional thinking and traditional limitations, and deploy unique solutions to become more competitive in their market. They’re winners.

The ability to adapt quickly to changing business and economic climates is often what sets high-functioning companies apart from less adaptive companies that fail to innovate when the marketplace demands new solutions. Business agility is intrinsic to the shipping container. Traditional structures weren’t designed to adapt to changing situations and locations, and adapting to change is exactly what most customers expect.

Shipping Container on a ForkliftIt’s Cool to Be Mobile

Whether the application is a construction office that can be moved from site to site, a mineral testing laboratory that can be placed in an underground mine, or a field tested and approved water treatment equipment enclosure, these structures all have one thing in common – they are not permanent.

Permanent structures are just that – permanent – and they require lots of construction time, assuming a crew is even available to do the work. They are inherently the opposite of agile. On the other hand, shipping container structures can be manufactured and delivered quickly, which increases the overall efficiency of any operation, reduces costs, and can dramatically increase time to first revenue.

Two story shipping container officeCreating the Unexpected Is Cool

While a shipping container office or climate controlled storage container may not sound so cool, our customers often bring us interesting applications for seemingly boring container products. Fire fighter and military training facilities, concession stands, tailgating suites, locker rooms, and even a lacrosse stadium are some unexpected projects we work on every day.  

Each customer chose shipping containers to meet a specific goal – be it mobility, security, cost-effectiveness, or just because they’re perceived as cool.

Falcon Structures Manufacturing FacilityFalcon Structures Is Very Cool

Back to those awkward interactions when I explain what we do, and how both Falcon and our container structures are cool.  Cool because our customers challenge us to provide unique, often never-done-before solutions so they can win at their business. Cool because our products are changing the way businesses think about how they solve problems. Cool because we’re able to push the limitations of design and engineering to create structures that allow our customers to become more agile in a safe environment.

Cool because, like I said, shipping containers are just plain cool.

If you're wondering how your business can be cool too, contact us at 877-704-0177.

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