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Housing & Storage Solutions for Oil & Gas Drill Sites

Posted by Falcon Structures on May 1, 2019

As if fierce business competition weren’t enough, the oil and gas industry faces unique challenges that complicate everyday operations and erode productivity. These challenges stem from the fact that some of the country’s most promising basins are plotted in remote locations that feature extreme weather and are isolated from infrastructure.

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The Best Furniture Solutions for Portable Container Structures

Posted by Paige Welsh on Mar 14, 2019

Industrial businesses are looking for faster ways to set up office space and living quarters and that includes moving and installing furniture. Tying down beds and desks, transporting them in a truck, and then maneuvering them into a modular building is the opposite of rapidly deployable. The best solution: build the furniture right into a container-based structure.

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Shipping Containers Offer Mobility and Functionality for Oil and Gas

Posted by Paige Welsh on Oct 4, 2017

Pumping oil and gas from miles beneath the surface requires millions of dollars of equipment and months of around the clock work. The remoteness and the climate of drilling sites often make this already difficult job even more challenging. Oil and gas businesses must set-up equipment-enclosures and temporary living spaces everywhere from deep jungles to icy tundra—frequently far from the conveniences of modern infrastructure.

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6 Key Considerations for Container Workforce Housing

Posted by Krista Short on Dec 7, 2016

If you've been tasked with finding and executing a workforce housing solution – cost, quality, and speedy deployment are probably top of mind. Creating an environment where employees feel safe and comfortable may also be a concern.

Fortunately, Falcon's turnkey Living Containers were designed to meet ALL of these criteria. You don’t need to sacrifice quality to keep costs in check, and containers can be deployed, installed, and relocated much faster than traditional modular housing solutions or permanent structures.

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5 Benefits Shipping Containers Provide for Temporary Oilfield Housing

Posted by Krista Short on Aug 23, 2016

Most oilfield sites are surrounded by rural areas, therefore they lack the infrastructure to comfortably accommodate work crews and operational executives. Temporary oilfield housing, offices, secure storage spaces, and equipment rooms are critical in these types of field environments - where permanent structures aren’t feasible or economical.

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5 Reasons To Choose Modified Shipping Containers for Workforce Housing

Posted by Stephen Shang on May 24, 2016

To maximize efficiency on remote job sites or during a natural disaster, temporary workforce housing is a must. Compared to traditional workforce living solutions, modified shipping containers offer a number of cost, comfort, and convenience benefits, including:

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Conex: A Solid Choice for Temporary Workforce Housing at Rig Sites

Posted by Stephen Shang on Apr 21, 2015

Before they were used to build trendy shops, bars, and eateries, Conex structures were already getting the job done for construction engineers and other rig site professionals. From Bakken to the Permian Basin, oil and gas workforces have used  Conex containers as temporary workforce housing, recreation centers, cafeterias, infirmaries, etc.

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Temporary Living: Oil Field Housing & Military Shipping Container Housing

Posted by Stephen Shang on Nov 6, 2013

Shipping containers can provide temporary living solutions in a variety of situations, especially as work camps for various industries, including:

  • The oil and gas industry
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • The military 
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Environmental Advantage of Creating Housing in a Conex Box

Posted by Stephen Shang on Oct 30, 2013

Conex boxes aren't just an affordable and efficient form of housing; they have a low environmental impact, making them a great choice for people looking for eco-friendly housing solutions. In addition, the low environmental impact of Conex boxes is associated with lower overall costs. Creating a living environment in a Conex box is an environmentally responsible choice.

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