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Modified Container Living Quarters Support Security Team on Cargo Ship

Living Space
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Jun 17, 2020
Modified Container Living Quarters Support Security Team on Cargo Ship

When hijackers began targeting cargo ships, one shipping company decided to take matters into their own hands. The company, which carried military equipment, turned to anti-hijacking former special forces operators to live onboard the ship and protect the equipment and ships’ crew. Unfortunately, the shipping company was unable to anticipate the culture clash that quickly developed between the security team and crew members. To alleviate this problem, the ship needed alternate living arrangements for the operators, so they asked Falcon Structures to create container-based living quarters.

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These military operators were always at the ready. As trained professionals assigned to keep the ship safe from potential hijackers, they took their job seriously and were always on guard. The security team lived a different life than the captain, officers, and crew members of the ship. For example, the captain and crew members on the ship didn’t allow weapons in the living quarters, but the security personnel needed their weapons at the ready in case an attempted hijacking took place.


Not only did this present an issue with the established rules of the living quarters, but the security team was also failing to get along with the other personnel on board. It quickly became apparent to the shipping company that there was a larger problem at hand, a culture clash between the security team and crew.

To provide a more comfortable space for crew members and security personnel, the shipping company decided to provide separate living quarters for the security team. This way the former military operators could keep their weapons at the ready and manage their own space. Additionally, the new living quarters could be located on deck to provide more immediate access to a potential incident – but how?


Modified Shipping Containers Placed on Deck

The ship owner turned to us to create container-based living quarters for the security team. We utilized the durability of shipping containers – which had previously experienced maritime travel – and created practical, easy to access, and comfortable living spaces to permanently adhere to the ship’s deck.

We modified two 20-foot shipping containers to comply with sea travel security measures. We installed air conditioning and plumbing on each box to create a comfortable living space. After modifying the boxes, we gave each unit two bunk beds, a toilet designed for ships, a shower, and storage space. The steel exterior was painted a matching grey to look uniform with the rest of the ship.


Placing and Securing the Modified Container on Deck

The ship’s crane unloaded the containers from the truck and placed them in their designated location on deck. Both containers were secured to the deck with welded twist locks. Because these container structures were not traveling as cargo carrying boxes, they did not need to be recertified according to CSC standards. These living units were not permitted to carry cargo or stack among other containers. Instead, they had to be coastguard compliant to ensure the units were safe for personnel.


After the security team began using the new living quarters, the ship experienced a better atmosphere as crew members and security personnel felt more comfortable.  Both the crew and security team were able to do their jobs more efficiently. This isn’t the only time a Falcon modified shipping container has helped solve unique problems for an organization. To see more examples of our projects check out our collection of case studies.

If you’d like to discuss a particular shipping container project you have in mind, give us a call at 877-704-0177 or email at Sales@FalconStructures.com to speak to a Falcon Structures representative. We will be happy to walk you through our processes and plan your ideal structure.

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