Living shipping container with bed and work area

Shipping Container Housing Solutions

Secure, mobile and rapidly deployable living environments

Easily modified, repurposed shipping containers offer comfortable and efficient living spaces. The heavy-duty steel construction also provides a secure environment for remote locations. Falcon's Living Containers are easily transported, rapidly deployable, and can even be stacked to conserve space. Consider container housing for your construction job site, oil field application, or recreational purposes.

Interior of conex shipping container modified into living space for field work

Workforce Housing

Durable, climate-controlled, and cost-effective, container housing solutions keep workers safe and comfortable without breaking the bank. Containers can be modified to include sleeping, dining, relaxing, and bathing spaces.

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Modified Conex Container Hunting Cabin or Bunkhouse

Portable Bunkhouse or Cabin

Built to endure extreme weather conditions, repurposed conex containers provide a safer, sturdier alternative to RVs and traditional mobile homes. Seasonal workers stationed in remote job sites can rest and relax in an air-conditioned, portable bunkhouse.

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Housing for U.S. border patrol made from three modified shipping containers

Case Study: Border Patrol Housing

Learn how Falcon created a safe, secure, and mobile housing solution for the Department of Homeland Security’s border patrol team. Mobility, dining space, and comfortable restrooms were key to this container housing solution.

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