Case Study: Border Patrol Housing

Client: Prime contractor for Department of Homeland Security.

Challenge: The Department of Homeland Security needed shelter for border agents to live while protecting our border. The space needed to be secure, transportable, and remain in good condition after many moves. 

Falcon’s Solution: Falcon Structures transformed three of our 20-foot units into border patrol housing that is far more secure, durable, and more easily transported than mobile housing. One unit became a bunkhouse for six. The other two units became restroom, kitchen and living room facilities. The three units were mounted onto custom trailers, enabling portability with ease and speed.

  • Electric and plumbing
    Electric and Plumbing
  • Removable panel
    Removable panel
  • Floor Opening
    Floor Opening
  • Portable Bunkhouse
    Portable Bunkhouse
  • Secure Housing
    Secure Housing
  • Living Unit
    Living Unit
  • Modular Restroom
    Modular Restroom
  • Bunkhouse
  • Portable Bunkhouse
    Portable Bunkhouse
  • Air-conditioned living quarters
    Air-conditioned living quarters
  • Mobile Housing
    Mobile Housing
  • Custom Trailer
    Custom Trailer
  • Container City
    Container City