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Modified Shipping Containers

Create a safe place to work, live, and grow.

Fierce environments come in all different forms. From extreme-weather job sites, to isolated shale plays, to cramped construction yards, we help you overcome major outdoor challenges so you can work (and rest) a lot easier. 

Our line of repurposed, modified shipping containers - or Conex boxes - represent today’s most durable, portable, and expeditious structural solutions. Find your ideal solution below:


Modular and easy to relocate, repurposed shipping containers provide a sturdy, flexible solution for short and long-term storage needs. Falcon storage containers are constructed of durable, galvanized steel and finished with marine-grade, wood flooring. They require no special foundation and can be easily relocated.

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40ft Painted Shipping Container
  • ISO Storage Container:  Economical, heavy-duty storage suitable for any environment.
  • Vented Box:   Flexible, sturdy storage with louvered vents to facilitate airflow.
  • Personnel Door:  Durable storage with secure and convenient personnel door.
  • Overhead Door:  Sturdy, workhorse storage with easy-access, overhead doors.
  • Climate Controlled Storage:  Flexible storage with HVAC, lighting and electrical.
  • File Room:   Climate controlled storage with lighting, electrical and steel personnel door.
  • Lighted Box:  Economical, sturdy storage with overhead lighting.
  • Shelving Box:   Flexible storage with built-in shelving and convenient personnel door.
  • Climate Controlled Shelving:   Climate controlled storage with built-in shelving and personnel door.  
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Long lasting and turnkey, repurposed shipping containers deliver a flexible, mobile office solution you can rely on for years to come. Falcon’s climate controlled, modular offices are constructed of sturdy, galvanized steel and include office grade finishes.

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20ft Open Office Exterior
  • Open Office:  Practical, turnkey workspace in a climate controlled environment.
  • Open Office Premium:   Climate controlled workspace with a convenient half bath.
  • Dual Office: Two separate climate controlled offices under one roof.
  • Dual Office Premium:   Two separate climate controlled offices with a shared half bath.
  • Store and Work Box:  Climate controlled workspace with separate storage area.
  • Work and Store Box:   Large, climate controlled workspace with smaller storage area.
  • Workplace Box:   Combines work and conference space under one roof.
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Living Space

Efficient and easy to deploy, Falcon Living Boxes provide a comfortable industrial housing solution where employees can feel safe. Constructed of durable, galvanized steel, Falcon modular housing solutions stand up to extreme weather and are rodent-proof.

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Living Shipping Container Interior
  • Living Box:   Climate controlled, modular housing for sleep, relaxation and bathing.
  • Jack and Jill Living Box:   Two separate climate controlled living spaces with shared full bath.
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Durable, secure, and easy to transport, Falcon industrial equipment enclosures offer flexibility and peace of mind. Constructed of heavy-duty, corrugated steel, our repurposed shipping containers stand up to severe weather, resist pests, and are easy to install.

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Shipping Container as equipment enclosure interior
  • Equipment and Controls Enclosure:  industrial equipment enclosure that is durable, secure, cost-effective, and easy to transport.
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Sturdy, weather resistant, and modular, repurposed steel shipping containers are suitable for an infinite number of industrial, military, and workplace applications. Using heavy-duty, ISO containers as a blank canvas, our engineering and design teams can customize these structures based on your unique goals and specifications. The sky is the limit with Falcon custom solutions.

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Falcon Mobile Field Shipping Container Restroom Interior

Falcon Custom Examples Include:

  • Bathroom Units
  • Work Camps
  • Disaster Relief Containers
  • Pirate Protection Solutions
  • ...and more
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