Shipping Container Bathroom and Locker Room Possibilities

Falcon’s container-based prefab bathrooms and locker rooms, with durable and flexible design options, improve easy access to a comfortable, mobile, and secure space for employees and customers. Our competitive pricing and flexible designs help you get the right modular bathroom or locker room to improve your work environment.


Prefab Shipping Container Bathrooms

Shipping container modular bathrooms are portable, durable, secure, and they come with necessary water connections, making installation quick and easy. No matter where a container bathroom is needed, easily place a shipping container in a small, obscure place to boost employee morale or improve your customer experience.


Industrial Facility Bathroom


Place a shipping container bathroom in an industrial facility to provide restrooms for workers in larger plants. Placing a modular bathroom closer to the workers helps prevent long walks to the main building throughout the day, gives them a space of their own, improves morale, and boosts efficiency.


Shipping Container Locker Rooms

Container locker rooms create a secure storage and changing space for a variety of companies and organizations. Durable locker rooms help employees remain safe while on the job and portable sports locker rooms give athletes at every level space to prepare for games and practices, relocating with facility improvements and expansion.


Pipeline Compressor Station Locker Room


For the demanding jobs at pipeline compressor stations, locker rooms offer a much needed secure and enclosed space to give employees an opportunity to change, cool off, warm up, and regroup as needed. A shipping container locker room is durable and easy to place, even in the hard-to-reach areas, making containers a reliable locker room option.



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