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How Conex Containers Changed the Game for Sports Facilities

Nov 16, 2022
How Conex Containers Changed the Game for Sports Facilities

Modified shipping containers—otherwise called conex containers—help businesses across the globe excel in their industries. When it comes to sports, there’s no exception. Teams and clubs can utilize containers to improve the fan experience, upgrade stadiums and sports facilities, and more. Here’s how containers change the game for sports (with examples from our customers).

A Youth Soccer Club Coaching Office

capital fc shipping container coaching office

Capital FC (CFC), located in the Pacific Northwest, used a simple shipping container design to elevate the club’s professionalism. The 20-foot office with a half bathroom is a predesigned floor plan in Falcon’s catalog. CFC was able to request a customization to add a large picture window to provide a great view of the fourteen-soccer field facility.

Instead of leaving coaches and CFC staff to complete office and administrative work in their cars between games—even in the bitter cold—CFC wanted to provide a clean and comfortable office space. The container will even help CFC adapt to future growth with simple relocation, thanks to the portability of the unit, meaning this office will continue to benefit CFC for years to come.

A Football Facility Concession Stand

shipping container concession stand

Concessions are a pivotal component of sporting events, which many schools know well. Using a shipping container as a concession stand with individual bathrooms on one end and an inviting concession window on the other can add a unique element to any sports field. This school wanted to make the most of the limited space beside the football field, making a container the perfect solution without sacrificing comfort, aesthetics, or durability.

An Entire Stadium Made from Containers

Falcon Structures Fortress Obetz Interior

Fortress Obetz is a 122-container sports stadium for the Village of Obetz community. The containers were stacked and assembled on-site in 10 working days spread over a few months, an incredibly impressive achievement. In fact, a comparable project built through traditional construction would take two years to complete. Now, this is the largest shipping container-based structure to date with 71,112 square feet of public gathering space for lacrosse games and festivals.

Endless Possibilities with Conex Containers

Manufacturing teams can transform containers into restrooms, locker rooms, VIP areas, beer gardens, sports storage units, and more. Take it from the United Soccer League (USL) which saw the impact of containers on soccer in the US, making Falcon the Official Shipping Container-Based Structure Provider for the USL.

Do you have a vision for your team or sports facility? Let’s get in touch and see if Falcon can help. Reach out to us at 877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com.

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