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The Case for Conex Boxes as Offshore Oil Platform and Oil Rig Living Quarters

Oil & Gas Living Space
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Jul 6, 2022
The Case for Conex Boxes as Offshore Oil Platform and Oil Rig Living Quarters

Before they were used to create multi-unit structures, portable offices, and protective equipment enclosures, conex boxes were helping to get the job done for the oil and gas industry. From Baldpate to the Permian Basin, oil and gas operations managers have relied on conex containers to create a comfortable arrangement for workforces—including recreation centers, cafeterias, infirmaries, and especially workforce housing. When it comes to offshore oil platform living quarters and oil rig living quarters, conex boxes continue to stand as an essential solution.

Here’s how conex boxes become vital company assets and make comfortable and safe oil and gas living quarters:

Conex Boxes as Living Quarters

shipping container oil rig sleeping cabin

Don’t let the idea of an unmodified conex container dissuade you, shipping containers transform into reliable structures through modifications—offshore oil platform-level reliable, in fact.

Each modified conex box receives exterior cuts to add doorways, windows, and air conditioning units. Manufacturing teams add insulation best suited for the box’s final location, partition walls as needed, plumbing, and electrical plug-ins to support the work crews that call the box their temporary home. And finally, exterior paint made to seal the box to protect against weathering ensures the containers will maintain their condition for years to come.

Whether drilling offshore or on land, containers are easy to place. Simply pick up the conex box by the four corners and place the units exactly where they need to go using a crane. A fast and easy setup will help your team stay moving.

Make the Most of Drill Site Reclamation

Using recycled shipping containers as rig site housing units is one of the easiest ways to expedite abandonment and reclamation. Containers do not involve any digging required for traditional footers, nor the pouring of a concrete foundation. Instead, container housing can be placed on any level ground.

Conex boxes are easy to transport and reuse at other drill sites. Time and again, we’ve seen how these minimally invasive, highly portable housing units help teams reclaim abandoned sites.

Scalable Housing on Another Level

shipping container oil rig living quarters

Oil and gas drill sites can’t run without rig crews: leasehands, floorhands, motorhands, derrickhands, rig managers, and well-site supervisors. Indeed, some of the biggest US plays attract tens of thousands of workers—practically overnight.

Conex boxes can assist as temporary oil rig living quarters. They’re quick and easy to deploy. They simplify the business of procurement and asset management. They help energy companies expedite local safety inspections, permits, and related workflows. Most important, they’re the most durable housing solution available without sacrificing comfort.

Eco-Conscious Operations

Environmental topics surrounding oil and gas production tend to focus on the drilling footprint, which certainly has the most significant impact on local ecosystems. But surface facilities aren’t irrelevant to the conversation. And in fact, choosing the right materials for structures like workforce housing have a notable impact on the environment, too.

Renovating previously used structures—such as conex boxes—helps companies take steps towards becoming better stewards of the planet. Leaving conex boxes abandoned in America’s port-city graveyards is wasting their potential. Outfitting them with doors, windows, and more is a big step toward sustainability goals.

To learn more about the use of conex boxes in the oil and gas industry, download our free eBook, 7 Reasons the Midstream Oil and Gas Industry Uses Modified, Steel Shipping Containers. To contact Falcon Structures about purchasing modified containers for your company, reach us at 877-704-0177 or send us an email at sales@falconstructures.com.

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