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5 Reasons To Choose Modified Shipping Containers for Temporary Workforce Housing


To maximize efficiency on remote job sites, temporary workforce housing is a must. Traditional workforce living solutions include trailers and portable modular structures that are similar to mobile homes. However, modified shipping containers are growing in popularity as a workforce housing option thanks to their cost, comfort, and convenience benefits. Here are the top five reasons to use modified shipping containers for workforce housing.

1. Living containers are suitable for just about any workforce living space application.

At Falcon Structures, we’ve modified thousands of shipping containers over the years. We’ve also created workforce housing and shipping container work camp solutions for a wide variety of clients. Our container living units and camps are ideal for:

  • Energy industry housing and work camps
  • Construction site housing
  • Military housing and training solutions
  • Border patrol housing
  • Emergency management, disaster relief, and medical facilities

Jack and Jill_Bedroom_Container

Work camp container living spaces aren’t limited to sleeping quarters. Containers can be modified to function as:

  • Mobile restrooms
  • Locker rooms
  • Recreation facilities
  • Laundry facilities
  • Dining halls
  • Mobile offices and meeting spaces
  • Temporary holding facilities
  • Infirmaries

2. Shipping container living quarters are durable with minimal maintenance required.

Constructed of sturdy, corrugated steel, shipping containers are built to last. Plus, with an average lifespan of at least 25 years, you can expect an expertly modified living container like the ones built here at Falcon to outlast traditional modular living units.

We also focus on durability and ease of maintenance when designing the interiors of our workforce housing units. You’ll find quality fixtures and finishes inside of our container living spaces.

3. Modified container living spaces are portable and stackable.

Shipping containers were originally designed for easy transport via ship, train, truck, or plane. When your jobsite moves, your worksite living containers easily move with you.

Stackability is another inherent advantage of containers over traditional modular buildings. When space is tight and your workforce is large, containers can be safely stacked to create a work camp that has a smaller footprint.


4. Shipping containers can be modified to suit most any need.

While we can modify a shipping container to address your specific needs, we’ve really removed the guesswork from container modification. Our standard container housing solutions come equipped with:

  • Shower, sink, and toilet
  • Climate control
  • Insulated walls and ceiling
  • Lighting and electrical
  • Wiring for telephone
  • Heavy duty secure windows and personnel doors

5. Shipping container living quarters are fast and easy to deploy.

Through years of experience building workforce container living solutions, we’ve developed an efficient container modification process. Once we settle on a floor plan and determine any modifications with a customer, we use our streamlined manufacturing process to produce containers quickly, without sacrificing quality.

Once the container housing units arrive onsite, setup is remarkably easy. Unlike traditional temporary workforce housing that requires concrete foundations, containers can be placed directly on solid, even surfaces like packed dirt or gravel pads. We’ll provide instructions for stacking or joining multi-container structures, and our team will make sure the units are prepared to be connected to utilities like plumbing and electrical by licensed professionals.

Are you interested in a durable and cost-effective temporary workforce housing solution? Let’s talk! Our experienced team can help you determine the right portable housing solutions for your company. Reach out to us at 877-704-0177 or email us at

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