Give Employees a Place to Cool Off and Wash Up

Not everyone works in an office. Workers at industrial job sites and athletes alike appreciate an air-conditioned space to shower off and change. Containerized bathrooms are significantly more pleasant than pit toilets or porta-potties. Quickly place shipping container lockers and restroom buildings anywhere from drill sites to public parks. ADA-compliant designs are available upon request.

The Single Gender Bathroom Container

Improve the workday for employees in the field with a clean bathroom. The single gender bathroom container is durable enough for oil fields and other industrial sites and includes climate control and flush toilets.

The Dual Gender Bathroom Container

Built in a 40-foot shipping container, the dual gender bathroom container has a built-in men’s and women’s section. Each end comes with turnkey plumbing and climate control to keep the bathroom comfortable – even in inclement weather.

The 40-foot Locker Room Container

Employees who work at remote job sites in extreme weather or with hazardous materials need a comfortable space to take a break, shower and change clothes. The 40-foot locker room container is built to last, deploy quickly and enhance employee morale.

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Bathroom and Locker Room Catalog

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