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Modified Shipping Container Standard Options

Each shipping container application is unique and therefore we understand that you may have unique requirements - from extra windows and doors, to paint and flooring. Simple and hassle-free, these options can be added to any of our standard container productsFor a complete list of all our basic container modification options and full specifications, download our Full Options Catalog.

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Structural Modification Options

  • Options Clear Span FS-M-Clear_Span
    Clear Span: FS-M-CLEAR SPAN

Clear Span

Create large interior spaces using our Clear Span option.  
  • Cut opening is framed by 2"x2" welded, painted steel tubing
  • Structurally reinforced with steel beams and/or columns
  • Includes roof flashing
  • Custom Wall Openings FS-M-CUT AND FRAME
    Custom Wall Openings: FS-M-CUT AND FRAME

Custom Wall  Openings

Falcon plasma cutting, welding, and prep & paint. Delivered ready for your custom build-out. 
  • Cut opening framed by 2"x2" welded, painted steel tubing 
  • Openings up to 8'W x 8'H without structural enhancements
  • Exterior Stairs FS-M-STAIRS-STEEL-EXT
    Exterior Stairs: FS-M-STAIRS-STEEL-EXT
  • Exterior Stairs FS-M-STAIRS-STEEL-EXT
    Exterior Stairs: FS-M-STAIRS-STEEL-EXT

Exterior Stairs

Painted steel staircase ascends approximately 9-feet to 3'x3' platform. 
  • OSHA Compliant handrails
  • Easy bolt-on site setup
  • Available in 10-foot height for high cube containers
  • Utility Door FS-M-DOOR-UTILITY
    Personnel Door: FS-M-DOOR-UTILITY
  • Egress Door FS-M-DOOR-EGRESS
    Egress Door: FS-M-DOOR-EGRESS
  • Keypad Entry FS-M-KEYPAD ENTRY
    Keypad Entry: FS-M-KEYPAD ENTRY
  • Latch Protector FS-M-LATCH GUARD
    Latch Protector: FS-M-LATCH GUARD

Exterior Doors and Hardware

Door Options 
  • Personnel Door with lever handle and deadbolt
  • Egress Door with panic bar, closer, and deadbolt
Door Hardware Upgrades
  • Keypad Entry
  • Latch Protector  
  • Overhead Door with Rain Pan FS-M-DOOR-ROLL UP
    Overhead Door with Rain Pan: FS-M-DOOR-ROLL UP
  • Overhead Door Interior FS-M-DOOR-ROLL UP
    Overhead Door Interior: FS-M-DOOR-ROLL UP

Overhead Doors

Tan painted, light-gauge aluminum roll-up door mounted to a welded steel frame. 
  • Includes rain pan to help keep water out
  • Additonal sizes available
  • Heavy duty industrial gauge doors available
  • Operable Window FS-M-WINDOW-3X3
    Operable Window: FS-M-WINDOW-3X3
  • Horzontal Slider Window FS-M-WINDOW-32X14
    Horizontal Slider Window: FS-M-WINDOW-32X14
  • Concession Windows FS-M-CONCESSION WIND
    Concession Window: FS-M-CONCESSION WIND
  • Concession Windows FS-M-CONCESSION WIND
    Concession Window: FS-M-CONCESSION WIND

Framed Windows

  • Operable Window: 3' x 3' with mini-blinds and optional burgler bars for added security.
  • Horizontal Slider Window: 2'-8" x 1'-2" positioned high for privacy. 
  • Concession Window: Tan painted, light-guage aluminum roll-up door mounted to a welded steel frame. 
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Climate Control Options of Shipping Containers

  • PTAC Unit Exterior FS-M-PTAC-15K
    PTAC Unit Exterior: FS-M-PTAC-15K
  • PTAC Interior FS-M-PTAC-15K
    PTAC Unit Interior: FS-M-PTAC-15K
  • Bard Unit Exterior FS-M-BARD-2T
    Bard Unit: FS-M-BARD-2T
  • Bard Unit Interior FS-M-BARD-2T
    Bard Unit Interior: FS-M-BARD-2T
  • Through the Wall Exterior FS-M-TTW-12K
    Through the Wall Unit Exterior: FS-M-TTW-12K
  • Through the Wall Interior FS-M-TTW-12K
    Through the Wall Unit Interior: FS-M-TTW-12K
  • Baseboard Heater FS-M-BASEBOARD HEATER
    Baseboard Heater: FS-M-BASEBOARD HEATER

Cooling and Heating

Four Standard Heating and Cooling Options:
  • 15K PTAC Unit with 3kW heat
  • 2T Bard Unit with 5kW heat
  • 12K Through-the-wall Unit with 2kW heat
  • 1250W Baseboard Heater
  • 8
    8" Active Vent: FS-M-ACTIVE VENT-8"
  • 12
    12" Passive Vent: FS-M-PASS VENT-PAIR-12X12

Fans and Vents

Fan and vent options can help improve container air circulation.

  • 8" Active Vent: Active ventilation fan pulls air outside
  • 12" Passive Vent: Passive ventilation for storage
  • Styrofoam Insulation FS-M-STYRO INSUL
    Styrofoam Insulation: FS-M-STYRO INSUL
  • Batt Insulation FS-M-BATT INSUL
    Batt Insulation: FS-M-BATT INSUL
  • Spray Foam Insulation FS-M-SF
    Spray Foam Insulation: FS-M-SF
  • Spray Foam Texture FS-M-SF
    Spray Foam Texture: FS-M-SF
  • Mineral Rock Insulation FS-M-MIN ROCK INSUL
    Mineral Rock Insulation: FS-M-MIN ROCK INSUL


Three insulation types for varying uses. 
  • Styrofoam: climate control for storage containers
  • Batt: standard interior finish-out insulation
  • Spray Foam: space saving, highest performance for any application
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Finish Out Options

  • Bunk Beds FS-M-BUNK BED-TWIN
    Bunk Beds: FS-M-BUNK BED-TWIN
  • Bunk Beds FS-M-BUNK BED-TWIN
    Bunk Beds: FS-M-BUNK BED-TWIN

Bunk Beds

Twin XL sized heavy duty steel framed bunk beds. 
  • Foam-core mattresses included 
  • Comes pre-assembled and secured to wall
  • Can be converted into two single cots
  • Electrical Panel FS-M-PANEL
    Electrical Panel: FS-M-PANEL
  • Fluorescent Light FS-M-FLUOR LIGHT
    Fluorescent Light: FS-M-FLUOR LIGHT
  • Security Light FS-M-SECURITY LIGHT
    Security Light: FS-M-SECURITY LIGHT
  • Network Mounting Board FS-M-NET MOUNT BOARD
    Network Mounting Board: FS-M-NET MOUNT BOARD
  • Electrical Outlet FS-M-OUTLET
    Electrical Outlet: FS-M-OUTLET
  • Ethernet Port FS-M-ETHERNET PORT
    Ethernet Port: FS-M-ETHERNET PORT


Electrical, and interior and exterior lighting solutions
  • 125A Electrical Panel 
  • Fluorescent Lights - LED bulbs available
  • Exterior Security Light
  • Mounting Board for phone and network center
  • 110V Electrical Outlet
  • Duplex Ethernet Port
  • Industrial ALKYD Enamel Grey FS-M-PAINT-ST1
    Exterior Paint - Grey: FS-M-PAINT-ST1
  • Industrial ALKYD Enamel Tan FS-M-PAINT-ST1
    Exterior Paint - Tan: FS-M-PAINT-ST1

Exterior Paint

Rust-resistant industrial alkyd enamel paint. 
Additional paint options:  
  • Container Preparation: prolongs paint lifespan
  • Elastomeric White Roof Coating: helps reflect sunlight and heat
  • Custom colors and color matching available
  • Vinyl Plank Flooring FS-M-FLOOR-VINYL PLANK
    Vinyl Plank Flooring: FS-M-FLOOR-VINYL PLANK
  • Vinyl PlankFlooring Light FS-M-FLOOR-VINYL PLANK
    Vinyl Plank Flooring Light: FS-M-FLOOR-VINYL PLANK
  • Vinyl Plank Flooring Medium FS-M-FLOOR-VINYL PLANK
    Vinyl Plank Flooring Medium: FS-M-FLOOR-VINYL PLANK
  • Vinyl Plank Dark FS-M-FLOOR-VINYL PLANK
    Vinyl Plank Flooring Dark: FS-M-FLOOR-VINYL PLANK
  • Coin Vinyl Flooring Sheet FS-M-COIN VINYL
    Coin Vinyl Sheet Flooring: FS-M-COIN VINYL
  • Coin Vinyl Flooring Sheet Tan FS-M-COIN_VINYL
    Coin Vinyl Sheet Flooring - Tan: FS-M-COIN VINYL
  • Coin Vinyl Flooring Sheet Grey FS-M-COIN_VINYL
    Coin Vinyl Sheet Flooring - Grey: FS-M-COIN VINYL
  • Epoxy Flooring FS-M-FLOOR-EPOXY
    Epoxy Flooring: FS-M-FLOOR-EPOXY
  • Welded Steel FS-M-FLOOR-STEEL
    Welded Steel: FS-M-FLOOR-STEEL
  • Welded Steel Diamond Plate FS-M-STEEL
    Welded Steel Diamond Plate: FS-M-STEEL
  • Welded Steel Flat FS-M-STEEL
    Welded Steel Flat: FS-M-STEEL

Flooring Finishes

Choose from three standard floor finishes as an upgrade from the standard marine-grade plywood container floor - creating a custom finished look. Finishes are durable, water resistant and easy to clean.   
  • Vinyl Plank 
  • Coin Vinyl Sheet
  • Epoxy
  • Welded Steel
  • FRP Composite Panels FS-M-FRP
    FRP Paneling: FS-M-FRP
  • FRP Composit Paneling FS-M-FRP
    Half-sheet FRP application: FS-M-FRP
  • FRP Composite Paneling FS-M-FRP
    Full-sheet FRP application: FS-M-FRP


Plastic composite panel adhered to plywood resists moisture, stains, and dents. 
  • White color with cracked-ice texture
  • Half or full sheeting available
  • Shipping Container Kitchenette FS-M-KITCHENETTE-SIDE WALL


Functional kitchenette for living and working environments. 
  • 7'-6" kitchenette buildout with electrical appliances
  • Fully installed with electrical lines and plumbing hooked up to exterior ports
  • Suites everyday kitchen needs with laminate countertop, range with ovan and 4-burners, microwave, sink, compact refrigerator, and both upper and lower storage cabinets 
  • Shipping Container with Storage Lockers FS-M-LOCKERS-QUAD
    Storage Lockers:  FS-M-LOCKERS-QUAD
  • Shipping Container Storage Shelves FS-M-SHELVING UNIT
    Storage Shelves: FS-M-SHELVING UNIT


Storage products to help keep the container space neat and organized. 
  • 4ft Locker Units: Double-tiered, 12"x12" pre-assembled grey metal lockers
  • 3ft Industrial Shelving Units: 5-shelf steel unit rated for 4000lbs
  • Options_Plumbing_Half_Bath_RenderingA_FS-M-BATH-HALF.jpg
    Half Bathroom: FS-M-BATH-HALF
  • Full Bathroom FS-M-BATH-FULL
    Full Bathroom:  FS-M-BATH-FULL
  • Plumbing Port FS-M-PLUMBING PORT
    Plumbing Port: FS-M-PLUMBING PORT
  • 2
    2" Plumbing Drain:  FS-M-DRAIN-2"


Turn-key installation of half and full bathrooms which arrive fully plumbed with plumbing port, ready for simple exterior connection. 
Additional plumbing option:
  • 2" direct-to-ground drain

  • Shipping Container Work Surface FS-M-WORKSURFACE
    Work Surface: FS-M-WORKSURFACE

Work Surface

Built-in work surface at your choice of desk or countertop height.
  • 24" deep and sold in 8' segments
  • Laminate top finish - available in light or dark grey
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Accessories for Shipping Container Structures

  • Twist Lock FS-M-TWIST LOCK-DBL
    Twist Lock: FS-M-TWIST LOCK-DBL
  • Bridge Fitting FS-M-BRIDGE FITTING
    Bridge Fitting: FS-M-BRIDGE FITTING
  • Ground Mounts FS-M-GROUND MOUNTS
    Falcon Ground Mounts: FS-M-GROUND MOUNTS

Fastening Mechanisms

Used to fasten shipping containers to each other or to the ground using the container's corner castings.
  • Twist Lock: secures two vertically stacked containers
  • Bridge Fitting: secures two containers placed side-by-side
  • Falcon Ground Mounts: Easy on-site ground bolting
  • Lock Box FS-M-LOCK BOX
    Lock Box: FS-M-LOCK BOX

Lock Box

Steel box welded to cargo doors protects your lock from bolt cutters and other theft devices.  Lock tabs welded inside box eliminate the need to lock up box at vulnerable latch gear tabs.