Case Study

An Office for a Crab Company 

An Office & Breakroom by the Ocean

When Remwood Crab Company bought an existing dock to expand their crabbing operations it came with a small office structure. But as operations grew and more employees came on board, the existing structure was no longer adequate. The Remwood team turned to Falcon's modified shipping containers.

Remwood pic inside3

Key Challenges

Additional Space for Co-owners

The previous office at the dock was small, so when the new employees utilized the workspace and break space it got crowded quickly. The co-owners realized they needed a space to hold private meetings and a break space away from their employees to ensure that respective parties were comfortable.

The Remwood team first investigated construction trailers but knew that durability of their future structure was nonnegotiable so close to the coast. After a lot of research, the team decided to utilize shipping containers.

A Durable Container Office

Standing only fifteen feet from the water, Remwood’s new container office isn’t lacking durability. In fact, thanks to their choice in using a shipping container, the structure will prove to have impressive longevity, even by the water.

Falcon modified the 40-foot container to be functional, including the necessary office and break room areas. The office has already become a pivotal part of Remwood’s operations as crabbers and commercial watermen frequently comment on and compliment the office.


The Solution

Remwood Container on site resize 2

Key Features Include

  • 40-foot modified container
  • Two doors
  • Three windows
  • Half bathroom
  • Air conditioning and insulation