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You’ll Love the View from Our Multi-Container Observation Workspace

Multi-container observation workspace

In many industries, worksite supervisors, managers, and owners closely monitor job sites. Ideally, they observe from a private, elevated office – but it is often difficult to build the appropriate structure onsite within limited space. To provide a solution to this challenge, we’ve created a two-story, multi-container structure called the Observation Workspace. This floorplan will help companies monitor worksites from a comfortable, durable, and versatile building. If desired, the workspace can mobilize to new locations. It is especially well suited to austere and remote job sites, where traditional construction isn’t feasible.

What is Falcon’s Observation Workspace?

Observation Workspace exterior

The Observation Workspace consists of three 20-foot shipping containers combined and stacked into one larger building to create a mobile, multi-level office. The two bottom containers merge to create an open floorplan while a single container sits on the second level, functioning as a private office. An OSHA compliant steel staircase allows access to the private office from the exterior.

We’ve added two 6-foot by 3-foot picture windows to the top level, creating a perfect view to monitor a worksite. The Observation Workspace specifications and details, listed below, can be modified to meet specific customer requirements:

  • Three 20-foot shipping containers
  • Two stories high
  • An OSHA-compliant steel external staircase with 4-foot landing and double handrails
  • Two exterior personnel doors with windows
  • Two 6-foot by 3-foot fixed-pane windows
  • Three 3-foot by 3-foot operable windows with burglar bars
  • One 2T wall mount air conditioning unit for the downstairs space
  • One 15K PTAC unit for the upstairs space
  • Security lights

How Different Industries Can Use Falcon’s Observation Workspace

Observation Worksapce site placement

The Aggregate Industry

We modeled this multi-level office after several structures we created for aggregate companies. These companies wanted a "Batch Plant Office" that included a secure, private office for the Batch Manager to monitor dispatched trucks. Most companies needed the bottom level to function as an employee breakroom for waiting drivers.

To create a comfortable space, the companies requested additional modifications, including a kitchenette and bathroom. Now, as the companies load trucks with material, waiting drivers can grab a cup of coffee and comfortably use the restroom.

The Oil and Gas Industry

The Observation Workspace is a versatile structure. For example, we foresee oil and gas companies using this structure as a combination of storage and office space. They will benefit from our offsite modular construction process, which eliminates the hassle of building remotely. We will modify each unit offsite at our facility so they can be combined upon arrival – even in the most difficult areas to access.

The Military

The Observation Workspace is well suited for military training operations. Training cadre has an elevated view of the training operation in a secure, safe workspace. The lower level could be used for after action reviews and equipment storage.

As the needs of the training facility change, military personnel can relocate this structure as needed. The shipping container configuration allows for quick disassembly, so the structure can be taken apart, moved, and reassembled easily.

Common Additional Modifications

Observation Workspace interior modifications

We purposely designed this modular workspace to be versatile. Multiple industries – beyond the ones previously described – are invited to request additional modifications to meet their needs. Here are a few common additions to consider for your Observation Workspace:

  • Kitchenette
  • Egress Door
  • Bathroom
  • Built in work surface
  • Additional windows
  • Additional security lights

If you’d like to learn more about Falcon’s Observation Workspace or customize a structure for your company, give us a call at 877-704-0177 or email us at We’re happy to design your perfect multi-level shipping container structure.

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