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4 Useful Workspace Solutions for a Shipping Container Office

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Dec 9, 2020
4 Useful Workspace Solutions for a Shipping Container Office

Workspace solutions should help improve your work environment by creating a more organized, useful, and efficient space. Shipping container office units assist many companies in improving their work environments by becoming valuable business assets. In fact, our office here at Falcon Structures was created by combining shipping containers. We designed an office building that worked best for our organization which enables us to work comfortably in these modular units. If you’re exploring workspace solutions to meet your company’s unique needs, consider modified shipping containers.

Workspace Solutions – A Shipping Container Office

To get the most out of your container office, it’s important make sure the design and application of the units meet your company needs. Think about what features would benefit your organization. Do you need to maximize limited site space? Are portable office units a necessity? Do you need an easily expandable office that will evolve alongside your growing company? As you answer these questions, consider the following workspace solutions.

5 Steps to Designing Your Modified Shipping Container

1. Office and Storage Combined


Falcon offers a Store and Work Shipping Container Office floorplan. This unit splits the container in half with one side used as a climate-controlled office and the other side as secure storage. If your organization needs more space, consider a 40-foot container, where you can choose which side you want to be larger – the office side, or the storage side.

2. Multi-Container Office


Our 2-Story Observation Workspace Multi-Container provides office space with an overlooking view. This office floorplan works well for the aggregate industry, oil and gas, and the military, but can work well for any organization seeking to maximize limited space by stacking containers.

The Observation Workspace not only includes an upper level office, great for overlooking the grounds below, but it also includes a lower level that can be used as office space, storage, or an employee breakroom. As your organization expands, easily add an additional modified container to the structure.

3. Dual Office


Falcon’s 40-Foot Dual Office includes two separate offices to maximize the office space of a single container. This workspace solution helps companies with minimal available space. Upgrades to this dual office include a half-bathroom in the center of the two offices that can be accessed from either side. Adding a restroom to this floor plan often helps improve the comfort levels of employees and boosts productivity since they don’t have to travel far for restroom breaks.

4. Workspace Solutions with Modifications


Aside from adding restrooms as modifications to container offices, kitchens, additional doors, windows, and even built in desks or countertops can be added to customize a container workspace. Taking this extra step to thoughtfully design a container structure will help your organization receive the best office unit for your business.

Container Office Benefits

Shipping containers also offer important benefits to many companies including improved portability and durability. To learn more about the benefits of container structures compared to traditional construction, check out our Guide to Offsite Modular Construction. To get in touch with Falcon to discuss the possibilities of your shipping container project, give us a call at  877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com. We’re happy to get your project in motion or point you in the right direction.

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