• Interior: Get storage and work space in one modified conex container.
  • Exterior: work space and storage in one 40 foot modified shipping container

Store & Work Shipping Container Office

The store and work container includes separate entrances for the storage and the office area for privacy and convenience. The smaller, climate controlled office area also has an interior door to the storage area for easy access. Get the benefits of a ground level office and a storage container in one unit.

  • Consolidate workspace and storage utility space into one container footprint for efficient site utilization.
  • Comfortable work environment with climate control and office-grade finish out.
  • Connecting secure, weather-proof storage utility space.
  • Durable, heavy-duty industrial construction for long useful life.
  • Quick setup and relocation with easy electrical connection and no need for steps, ramps, tie downs, skirting or foundation.
  • Includes steel personnel door, windows, plywood walls, insulation, HVAC unit, overhead lighting, outlets and 80 square-feet or 120 square-feet of workspace. 


20ft Store and Work Container Office

20ft Store and Work Container FS-P-20SW-ST

40ft Store and Work Container Office

40ft Store and Work Container FS-P-40SW-ST