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Why Apartment Complexes Choose Shipping Container Leasing Offices

2 minute read
Jan 8, 2020
Why Apartment Complexes Choose Shipping Container Leasing Offices

ECI Group – a large real estate organization – reached out to Falcon Structures to create a shipping container sales and leasing office for their new apartment complex. They chose Falcon Structures to modify a shipping container into their ideal office to welcome potential residents. Three non-negotiable requirements led ECI Group to choose Falcon’s shipping container solution as opposed to a traditional travel trailer:

  • Portability
  • Durability
  • Functionality

If these three requirements were met, the sales and leasing office would deliver value for years to come. They could easily transport the structure to new complexes as they opened, remain confident that the structure could withstand many years of relocation, and have complete control of the branding and aesthetic of the office. Here’s how Falcon Structures created exactly what ECI Group needed to generate new business.

The Most Portable Kind of Office


ECI Group’s decision to use a repurposed shipping container was in large part due to the portability of the structure. Shipping containers may not be the only portable office solution, but as units originally built to ship cargo, containers were created to be dependable when transported. The rectangular shape of the container, the built-in corner castings, and the forklift pockets, are elements that make the structure naturally portable and easy to maneuver by crane and forklift. As soon as the next apartment complex is open, ECI Group will be able to load their container on a truck and drive to its new location at their own convenience.

A Reliably Durable Solution


Understanding that ECI Group intends to frequently relocate their leasing office over the next several years, the durability of the structure cannot be overlooked. Using a modified shipping container changes the game for portable offices. Not only are shipping containers easy to transport but they can handle the transportation, showing minimal signs of wear and tear as opposed to traditional travel trailers. ECI Group can confidently ship their container to their future complexes. By reusing the same structure for many years to come without sacrificing the look of the structure, ECI Group will get the most bang for their buck.

Creating an Inviting Space


The choice to use a repurposed shipping container was a unique one, considering other apartment complexes tend to use a traditional travel trailer, but for ECI Group, it was the perfect structure to pique the interest of their future residents. It’s likely that their office will become a talking point for guests as they recognize the creativity of the office, carrying that thought with them as a lasting impression. At the NorthPointe Apartment location, ECI Group chose to wrap the structure in a branded vinyl cover - another thoughtful element to an already customized structure. As the office moves to new locations, ECI Group will switch out the cover or leave it off entirely.


How Falcon Structures Made It a Reality

  • Three sliding glass doors were added to create a welcoming atmosphere with plenty of natural light.
  • The sliding glass doors and an additional personnel door were strategically placed so both sides of the container could be customer facing if the container had to be turned to reach utility connections at future sites.
  • A bathroom and kitchenette were built on the end of the container to help guests feel comfortable and cared for.
  • The exterior was painted ECI blue to add an extra element of brand cohesion.
  • Vinyl plank floors, insulation, wood-paneled walls, and climate control were added as modifications to the shipping container.

Ultimate Guide to Modified Shipping Containers

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