Case Study

Apartment Complex Sales & Leasing Office

Apartment Sales & Leasing Office

ECI Group, a large real estate organization, required a durable and versatile leasing and sales office for their newest apartment complex. It would sit at the base of their NorthPointe Apartment building in Greenville, South Carolina until all the units were leased, inviting potential customers into their new homes.


Key Challenges

Create an Inviting Space, Reflective of Their Brand, That Could Relocate to Future Complexes

The NorthPointe Apartment building needed a portable office that would welcome potential renters into an inviting space. ECI Group wanted the space to look nice and feel comfortable for potential renters by including necessary amenities such as a small kitchenette and a bathroom. Appearance was important to ECI Group as this office would be the first space potential renters would encounter. The office also needed to fit at the edge of the parking lot without obstructing parking. Additionally, they wanted to move the office to new complexes as more were built. Therefore, the structure needed to be more durable than a traditional office trailer yet easy to transport.

A Durable and Portable Shipping Container Leasing Office

To create an inviting space, a 40-foot shipping container was modified to include three sliding glass doors, welcoming natural light into the space. The doors were strategically placed to ensure both sides of the container could be customer-facing in the event the structure would be turned to reach utility connections at future sites, helping it fit into whatever space was available. A single stall bathroom was built into the end of the container and a kitchenette was added against the wall to provide guests with necessary amenities while still providing room for potential renters to discuss their new homes. These modifications couldn’t be achieved with another portable structure. Their choice to work with Falcon Structures, and purchase a modified shipping container, gave them aesthetic control over the office. ECI Group decided to wrap the structure in a branded vinyl cover that could be changed or removed as the structure relocates. The container structure also helped prioritize durability and portability. Relocating the office is made easy thanks to the inherent portability of shipping containers which easily fit onto the bed of a truck, making transportation hassle free. As an added bonus, a shipping container provides a unique introduction to potential residents that they are unlikely to forget.


The Solution

ECI Group Interior F

Key Features Include

  • Single person restroom
  • Three sliding glass doors
  • Kitchenette
  • Climate control system
  • Additional personnel door