Case Study

A Waiting Room for Lyft


Comfort for Lyft Customers

When customers visit the Philadelphia Lyft office it’s often to have a tough conversation—if customers choose to visit the office in person, they’re likely not getting the answers they want via online support. Prior to Falcon’s help, when customers arrived onsite the only available waiting space was a bench with tent coverage outside the small and cramped employee office. The Lyft team knew their customers needed a more comfortable space to wait to get serviced. They turned to Falcon Structures for help.

Key Challenges

Key Challenges: Climate, Sensitivity, and Spacing

Customers waiting for their appointments were known to either crowd into the Lyft office or sit outside on the benches, uncomfortable in heat, cold, and rain—not the experience Lyft envisioned for its customers. When the office got too crowded, it became difficult to discuss sensitive cases. It was clear that the ideal solution would create a waiting area for customers to feel comfortable while giving the in-office conversations more privacy.

The Solution:  “The Pod”—a Homey Space

The Lyft team now uses a modified 20-foot shipping container as “The Pod,” a designated waiting space for customers. Not only is the container climate controlled with large windows but it’s also a branded space focused on comfort. The Lyft team added bright colors, a TV, and turf to the interior of the unit to create a more comfortable atmosphere to start the customer visits off on the right foot.

Previous arrangements, or lack thereof, often left guests feeling crowded or displaced. Now, The Pod helps the Lyft team do what they do best—problem solve—by tackling customer issues confidentially. Everyone has a designated space, and one with reliable climate control.


The Solution

Lyft Rental Waiting Room Container

Key Features Include

  • One 20-foot container
  • Three large picture windows
  • One door
  • Climate control and insulation
  • Interior and exterior lighting