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7 Layouts for Your Temporary Mobile Office Solution

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Nov 2, 2022
7 Layouts for Your Temporary Mobile Office Solution

When it comes to temporary mobile office solutions, many organizations choose office trailers. Later, they find out that trailers tend to lack durability and have limited layout options. Container-based offices, on the other hand, will last over 25 years and have many layout options to choose from. Let’s dive in to discover the right container layout for your company.

Our Experience with Container Mobile Office Solutions

Mobile workspaces fulfill an endless number of functions today—from construction site offices to supplemental workspaces. Finding the right fit is important for each company. 

At Falcon, our mobile shipping container office solutions have grown as customer needs have evolved. Today, we offer seven container office designs to choose from, all customizable to meet the needs of our individual customers. Some designs emphasize storage space and others include restrooms. Whatever our customers need, we’ve likely already thought through the solution.

7301014_FloorplanMobile Office Layout Options:

  1. Open Office – A blank slate, with no partition walls. Comes in a 10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot configuration.
  2. Open Office with Half Bathroom – Ideal for comfort, giving workers and employees easy access to a restroom.
  3. 40-Foot Dual Office – Two private office spaces in one unit.
  4. Dual Office with Half Bathroom – Two office spaces with a restroom in the middle for easy access.
  5. Store and Work Office – An office on one side and storage on the other, separated by a partition wall.
  6. 40-Foot Work and Store Office – Similar to the “Store and Work” but this configuration favors the work side with a slightly bigger space.
  7. Workplace Shipping Container with Conference Room – Two private offices with a larger conference room in the middle.
  8. *BONUS* Two-Story Observation Workspace – Three containers stacked into a two-story office with large picture windows. A great solution to monitor the grounds below.
  9. *BONUS* Double Container Structure – Two containers combined side by side by a clear span to create a large opening.

FS-P-20MC-AB-20-foot-double-container-floor-planWhy Container-Based Offices Work

Containers are durable, portable, professional-looking, and easy to transport, and that just scratches the surface of why many companies choose to use shipping container structures. Thanks to the offsite creation of each modified shipping container, manufacturing teams can standardize their processes to help you scale your business using container solutions.

Take a look at what’s possible with modified shipping containers and explore container-based workforce living, locker rooms, sports stadiums, retail spaces, and more. If you’d like to talk to a container expert or order your container structure, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at 877-704-0177 or by email at sales@falconstructures.com.  New call-to-action

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