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Repurposed shipping containers deliver a flexible and mobile ground-level office you can rely on for years to come. Our floor plans for climate controlled offices and restrooms include office grade finishes and turnkey power and plumbing. Use them as a durable solution for field operations or a stylish option for leasing offices. Wherever you go, you can take your container-based work space with you.


The Open Container Office

The open container office provides polished and professional workspace in a safe, climate controlled environment. This turnkey, mobile ground-level office solution can be placed directly on the ground and includes a secure, steel personnel door.

The Open Container Office with

Add a pre-plumbed half bathroom to the open container office for added comfort and convenience. Job site managers, leasing agents and visitors will appreciate this containerized office space and a clean restroom with a flush toilet.

The 40-foot Dual Office

If you need two separate work spaces in one climate controlled, mobile ground-level office, consider the 40-foot dual office. Divided by a sturdy, floor-to-ceiling wall, each office is equipped with its own steel personnel door and HVAC unit to provide both privacy and comfort.

The 40-foot Dual Office with Half-Bathroom

Like the 40-foot dual office, the 40-foot dual office with a half-bathroom includes two distinct offices with separate entrances and HVAC units. A shared half bathroom, accessible from both offices, adds convenience to this turnkey mobile office configuration.

The Store and Work Container Office

The store and work container office is a mobile workspace with the convenience of storage built into the floor plan. The separated storage and office spaces have their own entrances to prevent disruptions to the office section, which comes with insulation and climate control.

The 40-foot Work and Store Container Office

The reverse configuration to our 40-foot store and work container, the work and store configuration offers expanded, climate controlled ground level office space with a reduced storage section. Each area has its own entrance for added privacy. 

The Workplace Container Office

The 40-foot workplace shipping container combines work and conference space under one roof. The floor plan includes three distinct workspaces for privacy, and individual HVAC units ensure comfort from room to room. The conference area easily converts to a break room, file room or reception area.

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