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A New Way to Think About Jobsite Office Trailers

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Oct 7, 2020
A New Way to Think About Jobsite Office Trailers

Different kinds of jobsite office trailers are often found lining the perimeter of construction sites. It’s common for each company participating in the project to bring their own units, making jobsite offices an essential part of many construction projects. Imagine, for a moment, if companies were able to hold these office trailers to higher standards? The companies that choose shipping container-based offices find that these units go above and beyond the expectations established by traditional office trailers. Container office trailers transform a company’s relationship with mobile offices as they begin to view their units as reliable company assets.

What is a Jobsite Office Trailer?


A jobsite office trailer describes a portable office that sits on a construction site or similar project site. These units are similarly described as temporary offices, mobile offices, construction trailers, and more. Most often, these units are used to conduct office work related to the construction project at hand. Additionally, these units can be used as breakrooms or restrooms for the crew members on site.

Why Are These Trailers Important?


Jobsite office trailers must withstand the elements and the changing seasons, as many construction projects face weather challenges. They must remain mobile, so companies can relocate as old projects end and as new projects begin. Finally, they must withstand the rigors of relocation and maintain their durability – so the units can be used more than once.

Traditional Jobsite Office Trailers:


You’ll often find companies renting jobsite office trailers to meet the requirements of the projects at hand. These units include electrical connections, doors and windows, air conditioning systems, as well as both interior and exterior finishes that help prevent against wear and tear. Although, because these units are repeatedly used by multiple companies, traveling often, they still tend to show considerable signs of their frequent use – both externally and internally.

For those companies looking to upgrade their jobsite office trailers into a more reliable alternative, modified shipping containers offer a more durable option that remains easily transportable.

How Shipping Containers Compare:


Shipping container jobsite office trailers are becoming more and more common. You’ve likely seen several shipping containers on construction sites among the crowd of traditional office trailers. Container-based offices offer all the same benefits as traditional trailers – they’re portable, correctly sized, durable office spaces – but they take these benefits, and others, to new levels.

The companies that purchase a shipping container-based jobsite trailer find that the units are portable – easily fitting on to the bed of semi-trailer truck. Containers can be placed directly on flat, even surfaces or even unloaded by a crane and placed into difficult to reach jobsites.

The range of standard shipping container sizes offer a variety of practical solutions. Based on a company’s needs, 10-foot, 20-foot, or 40-foot shipping containers can become mobile jobsite offices. Each unit will receive modifications, making the interiors comfortable yet durable, and the exterior of each box will receive a fresh coat of paint to protect against weather exposure. Additionally, shipping containers provide necessary comfort for those working in the space. The modified units will remain warm in the winter and cool in the summer, creating a more productive work environment for employees. Learn more about container modifications here.


Finally, the durability of modified container structures proves to be unmatched. Containers benefit from their inherent durability, allowing them to travel at sea carrying valuable cargo. When manufacturers modify the units, their impressive durability remains. As the jobsite office trailer containers relocate, face frequent foot traffic, and withstand harsh weather conditions, they remain secure and dependable – at a level unlike traditional office trailers.

Ultimately, purchasing a shipping container office trailer allows a company to reuse the unit again and again, without worry. Container offices stand as reliable and valuable assets for organizations looking to put their best foot forward as well as invest in a resource that will stand by their growth.

Here at Falcon Structures, we modify a lot of jobsite office trailers. If you’re interested in a collaborative consultation to discuss your container office project, give us a call at  877-704-0177 or email us at Sales@FalconStructures.com. We’re more than happy to work with you to create the office that will best benefit your organization.

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